How Many Poles Do You Bank Fish With?

Discussion in 'Bank Fishing' started by treidm, Dec 30, 2011.

How Many Poles Do You Bank Fish With?

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  1. TJD

    TJD New Member

    I usualy carry five or six rods on my fishing buggy. One is a light rig set up for bait. We can use them all if we have our name and address on them. How many I use will depend on the room that I have between the trees and how busy the bite is. Most of the time two are loaded with chicken liver. One will have a worm.
    The two big rods will have blue gills, one will be live and the other one will have a chunk of cut gill. This would not work with out circle hooks and good rod holders.
  2. I voted 3 poles mainly because thats all I have lol. Well now down to two. My buddy came with one night and closed the tailgate of my truck on one of my poles. It was our best pole. It was pink and older than moses, we called it pink power because even on bad night that pole would always catch something. Hopefully the luck leaked out on one of the other poles. We will find out this weekend.

  3. ICrIMeI

    ICrIMeI New Member

    It depends on the size of the bank I'm fishing and how many poles it holds. All of my spots hold at least 4 so I voted 4. I do believe the more poles you have, more fish and more fun! I've had all my poles going off at the same time and it gets really crazy. Nothing you can do but pick one, reel it in and repeat. Sure you might get one hung up but its the adrenaline rush that does it for me. I've had this happen plenty of times this year and don't remember losing one fish. A cool fact I have learned this year from this that by the time I get to my last pole to reel in, the fish has slowed down and stopped running which means it stayed relatively close to the area the bait was picked up. Plus it's more of a fight if they've run you out to the middle of the river. After the last pole is reeled in I feel like I've run 10 miles and I'm ready to lay back on the bank and relax again.
  4. MonsterKat

    MonsterKat New Member

    Here in AZ you can only fish 2 poles at any one time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. if i have plenty of space 18 off the bank 10 catfish ugly sticks with abu garcia 6500s
    4 spinning reels with 7 foot berkley rods
    4 ugly sticks with assorted rhino reels
    5 micro spin flugher abu shinmono 2 shakspear
    and whatever cheapos laying around for the kids
    only use 12 total on the boat all i have holders for plue a couple of micro spins and a 4 ft throw net:smile1: no wonder wify is ticked off at me
  6. 52BeltDrive

    52BeltDrive New Member

    Legal limit is 2 here but I'll take as many as six. No two I have are identical, not unusual for me to change up every now and again.

    I'd glady fish a third or more if it were legal (depending on space). FWIW had an experience with a game warden years back. 2 flathead rigs out early and decided to fish up some more bait. Reeled one rig in and left my bluegill dangling in a few inches of water right off the bank.

    Technically I was fishing 3 rods. I got off with just a verbal notice, resolved everything by lifting the bait and dropping it in a bucket of water on the bank. The guy was o.k., pretty sure he could see I wasn't actively fishing the "third" rod. I'd hate to lose my license and gear to any infraction, lesson learned.
  7. festus

    festus New Member

    Usually I'm fishing with about 4 poles-3 for catfish and one bait pole, but I may take a total of 7-9 rigs according to the conditions. But my primary 3 are: 1. One 8' Ugly Stik Catfish MH casting rod with an Abu 6000 on it with 17 lb mono. 2. Another Ugly Stik Catfish MH spinning rod with an Okuma Avenger50 baitfeeder with 20 lb mono. 3. Then for heavier fishing and long casting, a 12' Offshore Angler spinning rod with a huge Okuma Avenger 90 with 30 or 40 lb mono. And I usually take one of the older stouter Zebco 808 spincasting reels with a 7' MH rod as a spare in case I backlash or have a foul up, 20 lb test on that rig. For the bait pole it's usually a Shimano or Daiwa ultralight spinning rig or maybe a Zebco 33 combo. Sometimes I use a Zebco 733 spincasting reel with 20 lb test on a 6-1/2 Ugly Stik which also has a clicker for light channel catting. The 733 is a souped up larger version of the Zebco 33 and also has a baitclicker. None of these are top of the line rigs or anything, but it's bank fishing so I don't want to sink a bunch into rods and reels. They all seem sufficient. Sometimes I'll take a Shakespeare SKP 2000 casting rig for a loaner rig or if I backlash my Abu.
  8. I'm with ya there, not worth the ticket! Although we generally bring 6. My wife and I fish 2 each (it's the law) but we always have at least 2 back-up poles in case we decide to fish for bait or if one is being difficult.
  9. quigley257

    quigley257 New Member

    It is going to be a new experience being able to fish more than one line. I moved to Missouri from Minnesota which allows only one line for soft water and two lines for ice fishing. I normally have four rods along depending on where I'm fishing.
  10. i only use two
  11. Here in the state of Washington we are limited to just one pole on the waters I fish. If someone wanted to buy a two pole license, which is the exactly double the cost, they could fish on most lakes & ponds with 2 poles. However almost all rivers & streams do not allow for two poles, the Washington Department od Fish & Game has mandated this to protect Salmon, Steelhead, & Sturgeon. Here on the Columbia River we also must have a catch card for Salmon, Steelhead, & Sturgeon which has an additional fee, & the game wardens are real peckers about issuing tickets for not having that even if you are not or intend to fish those species.
  12. :tongue1:

  13. bjf552

    bjf552 New Member

    i only use one unless i'm fishing for big ones. In that case i'll use multiples 3 4, 5, 6 (That's me being by myself). Just depends on how well I'm expecting them to be biting.
  14. Terin Meyer

    Terin Meyer New Member

  15. Tim H

    Tim H New Member

    I use 3.
  16. Ikkie

    Ikkie New Member

    I'll use 2 or 3 rods...been just 2 lately because I usually take the little guy with me and its less to carry. We are limited to 3 lines in the water here.
  17. Fish with two poles .
    some times that is two many when i am by my self.
  18. Silverbullet555

    Silverbullet555 New Member

    I use 2 poles as that is our max. It's one reason I like bait feeder reels. When working with one rod I can activate the bait feeder on the other so I don't have a rod pulled in. Of course, every once in a while you have action on both at the same time which makes for a fun time.
  19. catfishbrandon

    catfishbrandon New Member

    I fish 6
  20. TerryJ

    TerryJ New Member

    I usually fish 3, sometimes 4. Any more than that and I wouldn't be able to keep up.

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