How far Do catfish travel?

Discussion in 'Channel Catfish' started by tserfass, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. tserfass

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    I was wondering how far catfish will travel up a creek or river?
  2. jkustan84

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    That's a good question... I'd be interested in seeing some replies. I've seen them in some odd places when the rivers are flooded so I'd imagine they'd travel wherever to get away from that ripping current. Anyone else?

  3. Read a article in InFisherman last year about a guy who was studing this with flatheads, put a radio on a number of fish and tracked them for a year, some went up and down the river as much as 100 miles, others never moved out of thier pool in the river. Intresting question, I just want to know were where they are today
  4. whrauss

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    They'll go all the way up to the dam :wink:

    I've noticed in a lake close to mine, that the further I get up one of the creek the smaller the fish tend to be. Granted I've only been like maybe 2-3 miles, and I'm sure it's all coincidence...
  5. Balex123

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    How far can us humans travel? As far as our limits. I'll say the the same regarding catfish.
  6. Now this is an interesting question........where I live on the ohio river a neighbor has been tagging cats for 10-12yrs now that he catches on the river from time to time.This man is 71 yrs old and has NEVER had anyone call the # on the tag to report the apparently they either havent been caught or the tag is getting wollard off in rocks or mud!!I do know that not all cats are the same (like people)some are home bodies while others are nomads,some stay and some go!! A paddle fish was snagged below the barkley dam Ky. that had been tagged years earlier in North Dakota,the fish had navigated over 2000 mi. of rivers and lock&dams SO with this being fact(in-fisherman)its really easy to answer the question.....some will travel endlessly their whole life searching for that pot of gold,while others stay congragated to a few miles of water or less...really just depends on the fish!!:eek:
  7. This is just my theory, haven't researched it.....but I think about 20 miles, for full-grown catfish.
  8. catfishscotty

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    from what ive read flatheads tend to have a home area of less the 10 miles

    blue cats travel great distances 100 miles or more in large river's

    like said above I think it all depends on the fish myself

    even in lake impoundments after a good rain the fish will travel up into a feeder creek's with current running into it then on the fall of the water move back out into the main lake it seems

    channel cats do this allmost everytime in my area after a good rain
  9. Pip

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    Think it depends on the food source and breeding. Catfish do a couple things very well, the eat and they breed. I think they move to breed and they follow the food source.
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    Here on the Snake River in Idaho the F&G did a study on Channel cats. They asked fishermen in a cat tournament to let them tag their fish before they released them. One fish was recaptured near Swan Falls dam. That is over 100 river miles from the release site. Ron
  11. hct236

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    I must have been a catfish in my previous life...LMAO!:tongue:
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    I was gonna add my 2 cents to this thread but I couldnt agree more with Shauns post it all depends on the fish.
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    So what I gather from all of this info (a lot of it hard evidence via tagging) is that it doesn't really depend on the species of fish as much as the fish itself. There seems to be no predictable method to their madness. Some are home bodies, some are nomads, some just like to vacation in the Riviera :smile:
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    Thanks for all the replies.
  15. Dano

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    What ever size the lake is, that’s how for they travel.
    A river. My guess would be till the river ends. LOL

    We move from spot to spot to find them so I don’t think they stay put unless there is a good food source. Chum helps them stay in one area. . As long as there is water, they will swim it.endless IMO