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  1. I think it's great as long as it is legal. If the zombies attack I will be doing it illegal! I like the tax thing also. Good Luck! Just be careful because you have one guy down there that likes to cut trotlines whenever he sees them, no telling what he would do to a hoop net...
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    Thanks Cutshad. As far as the guy that likes to cut trotlines, I would look at that like someone trying to take my paycheck away from me and would deal with it in a similar manner.

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    Support u 100 percent don't break any law live off the land and make a buck good for u u have ur limit same as everyone who runs lines jugs noodles rod and reel the method is up to u it's the limit that matters imo
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    Hey Todd, I think you and I chatted earlier on LA Sportsman, I just built a new hoop net and will build 4 more, only recreational, and can,t decide which type of throat is best, I saw yours is flat like mine. Have you or anyone else had experence useing finger throats? I will fish mine in Henderson area . I sure would like some input. Thanks
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    AMEN Toddrod
  6. Hey TODD ,How far r u from the mississippi river? Dont know if u know much about them but asian carp are a hot fish to catch commercialy right now they r not native to our waters and are destroying our ecosystem,I live in Illinois on the mississippi and i know alot of ole time commercial guys targeting these fish,They aint getting rich no time soon but they are getting by.I understand wanting to make some extra money, times are hard right now and if the good lord wants u to catch a few fish and make a buck so be it thats your business.Now dont get me wrong there is some commercial guys out there doing some bad shit like selling big fish to paylakes,fishing in restricted areas etc.etc.Think commercial fishing was outlawed in some states here recently because of these practices,Follow your state guide lines and dont fish restricted areas you will be okay..Im a die hard Rod n Reel guy by the way and on the river almost every other day if i can,and aint no commercial fisherman stoping me from pulling in hawgs,There is plenty for all of us,The fresh water commercial fisherman is not hurting our fisheries anyway it things like pollution,Dams,Barge traffic,pleasure boating Etc.We have dams here on the mississippi were fish cant get passed them because of there design so they cant migrate north or south trapped in between what we call pools,between each lock..This is why the DNR puts millions of catfish fry in our areas on the mississippi,Im on lock 21 and we dont see big blues like them boyz in the Alton, St louis area do because they cant get up to this area unless we have a serious flooding...Some of the largest blue cats in the world are caught in the Alton St. louis area on rod n reel and there is more commercial fisheman in this area than u can shake a stick at and has been that way for a very very long time.:unhappy:
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    the hardest thing about hoopnets is having to throwback all the sac-a-lait. lol

  8. them asian carp so called lol. they arent a carp in fact are good eating. had them for the first and for sure not the last time this last fall. white flakey and good taste. they are top filter feeders and are not bottom feeders. and are far less poluted meat than most other fish. they are not predators and dont feed off the bottom. ill be one american gathering the crap out of them from now on eating the hack out of them so i will be skinning less catfish. why not? if they taste good eat em. its the reputatuion and false info keeping the majority from it. all one has to do is eat it and they will pick it over most other fish. every one of the 12 folks here that tried the ones i caught this fall loved it and preffered the taste over channel cat. less fishy. in fact almost no fishy taste at all.

    in fact i wrote an article about it. with pics of the fish we cooked.


    honestly ive thought of commercial fishing as a venture on these fish. if i could afford it i probably would do it. there thick in the illinois river and no limits.
  9. I was born and raised in Louisiana, I live in Mississippi now after spending some time ensuring mine and your freedom remain what it is. I have traveled the world and seen people tryin to make their own way in all forms and fashions and everywhere you go there is fishing. It's called living off the land, our people have been doing it for a long time. Some of us fish to provide, some to eat, and some for sport. It is a way of life down here in the south. Me personally. . . . . . . if it will catch a fish I'll use it! Nets, Jugs, lines, rods, . . . . whatever! All legal! I support legal fishing in all forms! Pay them bills and keep the tax man off your back! God Bless fellow fishiermen!
  10. i just got my 1st hoopnet, been wanting one for awhile, i plan on running it in the spring on a local creek, if we get any rain, and stocking my freezer, my family loves fresh catfish as well as a couple elderly friends their face lights up every time i bring them some, i got it for 20 bucks at a garage sale, it needs a lil tlc and to be tarred, im still trying to find out how to apply it
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    Go for it!! It's legal, it's ethical and it's a tradition going back thousands of years around the world.

    I don't know anything about how to do it, but when you learn, come back on here and give us some pointers. I'd like to try it myself.