Homemade rod holder?

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by fatmudcat, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. fatmudcat

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    I was planning on making a portable rod holder with wood & maybe some pvc, it needs to be heavy enough so it wont go flying into the river yet light enough that I wont get a hernia carrying it. Has anyone made something like this? or have any suggestions?

    thanks in advance
  2. Fishfeen

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    Hey man, I made a few and I know others on here have too. I used 3" PVC in 2/12 foot pieces and a 3 to 4 feet piece of rebar, attached the PVC to the rebar with hose clamps and it works great for me. - Fishfeen

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    IMG_1258.jpg IMG_1259.jpg IMG_1260.jpg IMG_1261.jpg IMG_1262.jpg
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  4. Fishfeen

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    Looks just like what I was talking about. I just don't have pictures of them. Thanks Man. - Fishfeen
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    Check on tinboats.net and crappie.com there's alot of guy on there that have made there own for Trollin and what not
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  7. rocket256

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    They were really inexpensive to make. Only cost about $20 total.
    $1.20 ea. Rebar
    $6.00 PVC 5ft
    $6.00 Clamps pk 2x
    Got it all at Lowe's
    Then I painted them all black cause I had the paint laying around.
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  8. Daddy Wolf

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    I use the same method with pvc pipe, hose clamps and rebar also.

    On some of my rod holders I use galvanized pipe but pvc is cheaper.

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  9. Those work pretty good, and easy to make. Can also make that part outa 2" PVC or ABS pipe, and then take a 1 1/2'' 45 deg angle with a pipe glued in and stick that in the 2'' pipe and the rod will be at an angle instead of straight up and down.
  10. J_Carter

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    Add a PVC Wye to the top with another short piece of pipe out of the 45° side and you can have your rods vertical, on a 45° angle or both!!
    Look behind me in this picture...this is what I did on my toon...

  11. fatmudcat

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    thanks for pointing me in the right direction, great ideas
  12. I will get some of mine posted. If you look in my albumns they are on my boats. I made them to were I can use them on a boat or a stake. There are some members who have purchased them from me and really like them. They are not limited to any size of rod handle....
  13. boombalaty

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    Mine are similar but, I used angle instead of rebar. I also used carriage bolts instead of clamps so I could grind them off smooth and not have to worry about the clamp getting snagged on anything. DIY Bank Fishing Rod Holders