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  1. I am looking for prop set ups on sea ark pro cat 240. I need to know the size and pitch,top speed and rpm at top speed .any help would be greatly appreciated or just give me some names of guys that have one and i will try to contact them,thanks
  2. I'm running a 3 X 16 X 23 Suzuki prop getting 48.4mph out of it have the motor mounted in the last hole, running at 6000 rpm, I'm no speed freak I'm more comfortable at running it 40 mph seems to be plenty fast for me, this thing has an awesome hole shot, slam it down and hold the trim button up, heard that a Revolution 4 blade will put it into the mid 50's I just don't have the desire to run it that fast on the Ohio............Doc

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    What motor? I have a 225 E-tec and run either a 21 tempest plus or rebel at around 5500-5800 depending on which one, Both run mid 50's with normal load. Have rigged a few merc 225 opti's 21p tempest and two 225 verado's 19p tempest...speeds about the same.

    Doc, not sure on the suzuki's but my e-tec hated the rev 4 but the prob may only be with BRP's new M2 case, never ran it on any of the mercs we setup.
  4. suzuki 225
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    We tried several merc props on the few 24's (not procat's, big easy and daddys) we set-up with 225 suzie's and they didn't like smaller diameter of the merc 3-blades. They either took the 23 or 24.5 suzuki prop depending on use. The 23 for higher loads and the 24.5 for lighter faster loads... think the 24.5 was on a big daddy and turned about 56-5700 and still had a great holeshot. Always wanted to try a large diameter 4-blade but never got he chance.

  6. iv must have tried 10 - 12 diffrent props on my 2472 over the past 5 years but mine is a flat btm with a 2 stroke 200 with 1.86 gears . the motor is not stock by no meens, I have put in some aftermarket pistons and did some port work too and so far my best run was 60.01 mph (gps) with a 21 pitch Renagade OFFSHORE 4 blade prop @ 6200rpm. Im also running a jack plate at 2" below the keel and 6" of setback. just keep in mind that most every motor will have a diffrent gear ratio from another. another thing that Iv notised is that any prop with exhaust venting holes didnt do well at all on mine.
  7. mike, i am running a 4x15x22 at 5500 47mph is max. i have to finesse the trim up to even get this out before it blows out and i have to trim back down what do you think the issue is? 225 suzuki mounted 2 hole from top.
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    Running @ wot normal trim(not blowing out) have someone you trust drive, can you see the cavitation plate at the surface of the water, below or above? Too low causes to much drag, too high and it can cause poor bit with little lift. No whale tail...can cause tons of drag? does the boat seem to trim the nose up?I have never been a fan a 4-blades for speed so if you know of anyone you running a 3-blade 16X23 or 24.5 I would definatly give it a try just to see how it responds.
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    Sorry for the post before, it's hard to type and think with a 4 year old on your

    I just had a chance to figure slip on your set-up. If the numbers, tach, speed ect are 100% accurate it figures out to 6% which is very good. I would still check engine running height and try a 3 blade suzie prop if you know anyone who has one.

    The 4-blade rev4 I tried on my e-tec did have a noticable drop in speed from either 3 blade I typically run. I'm not 100% sure as to why but it just didn't feel like the prop gave the boat much bow lift which is strange. The procat is already bow heavy with the 50 gal fuel tank twards the front, the console and such forward. It also seams to me like I keep all the heavy gear in the front, none of which helps top end. I looked at mine to see how hard it would be to move the fuel tank clear to the rear... more of a job than I wanted this winter...

  10. 16x23 on its way i will try it out sat and post results.