Heads up mullberry pattern for the MO

Discussion in 'MISSOURI RIVERS TALK' started by Welder, May 1, 2012.

  1. Welder

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    Mullberrys will be ripe in 2 more weeks MO river cats like em as well as the bait fish that stack around them. If the river stays up and you find some mullberry trees leaned out and droppen berrys around some softer water fish ahead of em and have a blast with the blues and flatheads.

    If you get ya butt kicked by a big one dont say I did not warn you.
  2. Thanks for this message. I have heard about the mulberry bite, but have never worked it. I need to find a tree or two! It makes sense.

  3. Thanks Troy.
  4. gramps50

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    Didn't know that, thanks for the heads up
  5. I love me a little mulberry tree fishing! You can usually load the boat if you find a good tree in slow current!
  6. ya last year I really tore em up with mullberries, just put 1 berry on a number 4 hook, no weight and flip it in so it makes a loud "plop". the louder the plop the better. it seems the fish are tuned in to that sound and they race to your bait. lots of 1-10lb channels and blues, lots of mooneye and lots of big carp to have some fun with too. last year a buddy of mine had his pole ripped right out of his hand by a nice blue, funny thing is he snagged his pole back with another pole and still landed his fish! probably some of the funnest fishing I have had, kinda like crappie fishing when they are spawning hard, only the fish are stronger.
    when your out there, look for WHITE mullberries, they aren't as good of bait as the red ones but man are they delicious!:biggrin1:
  7. I saw the first mulberry trees dropping over the weekend on the MO river banks. Look out, here I come!
  8. yup, with the river a little on the high side, there should be plenty of water under the trees. gonna start hitting them tomorrow or thursday. break'n out the 10ft wally marshal jiging rod for catfish again! :biggrin1:
  9. We hit the river last night for about 3 hours....we fished around some mulberry trees and managed 4 channel cats up to 8 #s and 1 flathead. They are just starting in the St. Joe area.
  10. Welder

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    Checking out my spots with the trees we need another 3 ft of higher water to get em stacked on em. Berrys just starten to turn the cool weather slowed em down a hair. Should start picken up this weekend. I will def get out and fish the trees some.
  11. ya I checked out some areas around here too and like ya said, we need another week and about another 5 feet of water. the white berrys are ripe and dropping but most of the other trees are not ready quite yet. looks like most trees are gonna drop at about the same time so it might be a fat and furious bite this year.
  12. the blues

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    I caught a 9# blue yesterday and keep it for supper. It was full of mulberries and there wasn't a mulberry tree in sight. I was thinking it was a little for the berries.WRONG!!