Hamburger catfish bait

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  1. I have some hamburger that has gone bad, any ideas on how to use it to make bait? other than mix with garlic, salt and flower!
    OOPS should that be flour?
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    There is a recipe in the homemade bait section

    The name of the bait is beef cat

    1. 1/2 cup hamberger

    2. 1 flat can of cat food

    1. put hamberger and cat food into a bowl mix the 2 till they are one consistency

    2 roll to what size ball you want place in a pan of water boil 10 to 15 mins take them out let cool put it on the hook and have fun

    This is from Randy. vacatfish

  3. You can also just roll the hamburger it's self int bait size balls and fry it enuff to where it will have a good hook holding body. then let cool and then yse it.

    Or you could get 2 bags of shreaded sharp cheeder cheese and put some of the hamburger into it and mix well and use it with a looper rig. if it don't want to mix right put in just alittle cooking oil to where they both will mix smooth.
  4. I use Hamburger and Garlic salt and Wheaties and one egg catch Channel Cats and Carp on that mix works well.
  5. Mix it with some limbergs cheese. That should work with some garlic and something to keep it thick.
  6. If it's kept cool the cheese will stay thick enuff to use on a looper rig or something like that.
  7. Would it work better if the cheese was a little runny, it would stick to the looper rig better?
  8. How would you go about making the cheese runny, besides melting it.
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    1# Hamburger
    8oz. Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese
    4oz. Parmesan cheese
    8oz. Braunsweiger
    Potato flakes

    Mix ingredients knead well and add potato flakes until desired consistency. Make into patties and put in ziploc baggies. Keep refrigerated and while fishing keep on ice.

    I use a wad about the size of a golf ball and a #4 or 6 treble with slip egg weight. No leader. Just a swivel.

    I also add a little anise seed every now and then.

    I have not tried one of the looper rigs yet but I think that might help keep it on the hook!! :D
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    penut butter
    tea soon of vanilla

    put all ingedents in the bag of weaties and smash smash smash

    roll into balls and have fun works great on channels
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    You can buy limburger cheese in a paste form, comes in a jar in the dairy section of most supermarkets. I mix it with the meat and wheaties. I have also used grated parmesan cheese, (the kind you buy in the shaker) instead of limburger and done well.
  12. Hamburger
    Wheaties-crushed but not pulverized
    Parmessan cheese-powder stuff
    A little bit of water just 4-5 spoons

    Sprinkle wheaties garlic parmessan roll and a couple spoons of water roll flat then add flour keep rolling the stuff form into a large ball roll some more then just make marble size baits..
  13. Just take cooking oil and add it in till it's as runny as you want it to be.
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    I have some real old hamburger meat but no cheeses or garlic salt what can i put in it to make a catfish bait that will stay on a Circle Hooks
  15. Lint makes a good holding base check the lint basket on the washer and dryer and just mix it in.
  16. If you can find them, cattails work great for thickening up a bait so that it will stay on a treble hook. Or, you can work it into pieces of loofa.
  17. those one hookes witht he blastick pouch works too usually they have two hookas and then the jacket.