Growth rate for blue catfish in Missouri

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    What is the growth rate for blue cats in MO. Ive read that 50 lbs blues can be 15 years old or could be 35 years old that just seems odd to me that most fish wont get over 50lbs but some get 100 in the same amount of time. Is their anything other than here say on their growth rates.
  2. I have heard the same thing. One says 50 lb will be 50 years old another has them there in 25 years. The Missouri Dept of Conserevation is doing an in depth study on catfish. It has been going on for about 2 years now. I am on the mailing list for updates but havent heard from them in a while. I have heard they have found some really surprising info on them. Like they will travel for as much as 50 miles up and turn around and come back down. I am really anxious to hear their final findings. Dont know when that will be though

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    I've often wondered the same thing. Also about flatheads. Every now & then you hear about someone catching an 80 or 90 pounder from the Missouri, etc & I always wondered how old it would be. I wrote to the MDC once, but i don't think they answered.
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    Good Question.I Believe it has a whole lot to do with the avalable Food Sources Though.J.D.
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    The Blues grow very very slow. The very large ones are decades old. The flatty's on the other hand are one of the fastest growing species of fish. I had an outstanding article on catfish growth rates and reproduction but cant seem to find it this morning. I'll keep looking and post it here for all to see later.
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    I watched a video on Infisherman catching cats in VA it was said that the
    blues had only been their for around 30 years and they have fish of 80 lbs now.
    I also read of two 11 year old tank raised fish that one 10 lbs and the other 27lbs?
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    how do I get on that mailing list as well?
  8. I dont know Andrew. I can only guess you can contact MDC and express your interest. I went to a meeting at Busch Wildlife Area. They told us about some of the ideas they had and allowed us to voice our opinions as well. Like I said its been about 2 years now and I havent heard from them in about a year. I guess a study of this magnitude takes a long time. If I do hear anything I will certainly post the info on the BOC boards.
  9. Andrew, I made a phone call. If you will call Cris Morrow at 636 441 4554 and tell him you are interested in getting on the list for updates on the catfish study he will help get you started. Anyone else is welcome to do the same. He said the more people expressing interest in the study the better. It will let the biologists know there are a lot of people interested. You will have to ask for him when you call cause he rarely answers the phone himself. Tell him I told you to call.
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    hey thanks alot bob I really appreciate it. anything that will better explain catfish behavior is as good as gold to me. thanks again
  11. Blues do grow slower than flatheads but genetics and food supply has alot to do the thier growth rates. I actually have worked on the MDC catfish project Bob is referring to on the Missouri and Platte river the last two summers. Many people would be suprized to know how many large 50+ pound flats and blues are actually out there. One hoop net we pulled had 13 blues in it for a total wieght of 413 pounds! the biggest being 72 and smallest was 12, an average of 32 pounds.
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    Where was that net located?:roll_eyes: :wink:
  13. I just spoke with Kevin Sullivan, fisheries biologist for the MDC. He is in charge of these studies. He told Me that they will be having a meeting in late april early May to discuss more restrictive legislation for blues and flatheads in a 80 some mile stretch of The Missouri River from Glascow to Columbia (i think) I will post the info on this meeting place date and time when I get informed about it. All those who are for more resrictive legislation to improve our fishery will be encouraged to attend. Kevin also encouraged Me to sit down and write a letter to the Missouri Conservation Commission stating that I'm in favor of More restrictive regulations to improve an already good fishery. Perhaps you could do the same.
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    LMAO. Good one Doug.
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    count me in. I'd like to see more restrictive legislation too. Thanks for the info brad.
  16. I will say this much, the net was set on the Platte river....the thing with hoop nets is they are usually set during the pre/spawning period (for cats)...if one female gets caught the fish stack in the net..I would love to see some regulations on the large cats. I will contact my old boss and see whats ups. Good fishin to all and be safe!!