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  1. Does anyone catfish Greers Ferry. I have heard "stories" of big catfish by the dam, but don't know if there is any truth to them.
  2. Just last weekend I went over to the lake to clean up a pontoon that I'm going to turn into a catfishin' machine!:big_smile: Its at Laceys narrows marina, which is about centerly located on the lake. I plan on jug fishin and pole fishin for cats as well as bass.Truthfuly I have been lookin for catfishin info on greers aswell with out much luck:crazy: . So I guess I'll get to share my experences with all of you. I ordered one of those real detailed maps that shows depths and road beds, stuff like that, It should come in real handy. Anyway if you go good luck and keep us posted I'll do the same!

  3. For what its worth, this is the Game and Fish folks newsletter for the 2nd of August:

    reers Ferry: As of Tuesday, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers reports the lake’s elevation at 458.34 feet MSL.
    Shiloh Marina said fishing is slow because of the heat. Catfish are biting on jugs. Hybrids are biting on custom-made green or red giant Rooster Tails 50 feet deep.
    Tommy Cauley of Fish Finder Guide Service said the walleye bite has come to a stop. Bass are holding on ledges that top out around 20 feet deep and go as far as 45 feet deep. Hybrid fishing has been spotty, but they’re still with the shad. Crappie fishing has slowed and most of the crappie are in the deeper water of the main lake now. Catfishing and bream fishing are good.
  4. Well my cousin and I took the (new to me ) :big_smile: pontoon out 8/12 to the Edgemont bridge and threw out a few jugs.I made these jugs up with about 25' of line on them so I wasn't sure how good we'd do in 80' - 100' of water. After about an hour of soak time we picked them up and had 1 channel cat, man i was proud of that lil fellow 1 1/2-2 #'s max :big_smile: that was better than getin skunked. Well I'm headed back to Greers Ferry again this weekend so hopeful I'll have another update next week.
  5. That beats my last trip, 150 hooks out and 0 fish of any kind. Skunked so bad had to ride home with the windows down. grizzly
  6. Well I went back over to the lake this weekend, I fished a little but not hard, guess thats why I didn't catch any. So sunday I start out home at around 3:00pm to try and beat the dark clouds to the n.w. Well I get to Grubbs and I say to my self "why not stop and fish this one hole by a buddys rice field right off the cashe river, I have 2 or 3 doz large minnows left and poles ect why not!" . So I stop and nothing, then I say " lake Houge is not that far might as well try there too.Well the same results---- nothing! It never hurts to try I guess :tounge_out:
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    We went to hogue this past sunday, fished for talipia for about 4 hours didn't get a bite all day. three of us fishing using bream baits. Lake looked to be about 3 foot low by the way the mud line looked. Better luck next time; couldn't get much worse.
  8. Gene Chambers might be able to help you guys out. He lives on Greers ferry lake! Not sure what his username is on here!! But you can find him in some of the posting in the National gathering section!!!
  9. Guys i used to live up near there and the best cats i caught was on the west side of the lake more towards Choctaw near the mouth of the lake itself. The flathead fishing used to be excellent in the shallows and by the island in the middle of the lake on the west end.