Great Pee Dee River Boat Landings

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  1. Does anyone know if there are accessible public landings between Hwy 34 and Society Hill, and also between Society Hill landing and Cheraw? I know where the main public landings are, but I want to access the section of river about half way between those landins. Just wondered if there might be some local landings that I don't know about. Thanks in advance.
  2. Between Society Hill and 34 there is a public landing called Blue's landing AKA Hunt's Bluff. There is NO landing between Society Hill and Cheraw.
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  3. Thanks, Bill. I saw the one at Hunt's Bluff on Google Earth, but couldn't tell for certain how good it might be. That might just be what I'm looking for. Do you know anything about that landing? Condition, safety, etc. ?
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    I don't know that area too well. I usually use Hagley Landing in Pawley's Island and cut across the ricefields to travel North up the Pee Dee.
  5. Yeah Gatorbait they are talkin about the upper end of the Pee Dee.
  6. The Hunt's Bluff landing is nice and relatively modern. I've never had anything stolen from there, but it is in the boonies. There is good fishin' down stream around Three Creeks, and the fishin' is good anywhere upstream going towards Society Hill. The river is very navigable, but when it is falling or low, you do have some rock bars, or gravel beds. You just have to be careful. I really like fishing out of the Hunt's Bluff landing. The reason I fish Society Hill most of the time is because it is a tad closer to my house. There's good fishin' all the way between Hunt's Bluff and Cheraw. Society Hill is right in the middle between the HB and Cheraw landings. I'd just guess there's at least 30 miles of river to go 20 miles as the crow flies. Let me know when you are coming and I can show you around some.
  7. Bill, that's just the info I was looking forward. Can't thank you enough. I will check the landing out on my next trip up that way. :big_smile: