Going to try again at Truman Dam on Saturday

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  1. Well, if they run water that is. I will be headed down around 2:30-3pm on Saturday to catch possible bait at Drake harbor and then catch my personal best :D From the looks of it, they should be running around 20,000 so the fishing should be good.
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    good luck Jason I hope ya get a new PB this weekend !!! they should be moving around looking for a pre spawn buffet dinner right now ...

    let us know how ya do . go gettem like a ninja in the shadows ready to strike :ninja::biggrin1:

  3. Well Scott, if I cant catch bait, all will be lost. I doubt I will get much hit on 6 month old frozen shad but I will be bringing it with me, either to use or dump. I have some cut carp left over to use and I am going to try to catch some perch tonight to have on hand.

    I just wish the shad would finally move into Drake Harbor. I caught a good 14-15 inch shad last night here in town so I at least have a little something to start Saturday off with.
  4. Did some bank fishing below the dam last night. Caught all the big shad I needed in drake harbor after dark off the boat ramp dock in a half dozen throws. They like lately shut the water down at midnight. We didnt get set up until 10:30 and luckly I landed a 30 pounder at 11:30 before the water dropped. It was the big fish of the night and the rest were 5 pounds or so and under. Good luck, hope you can get into a new pb...
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    way to go Troy congrats on the 30 buddy !!!!!

    glad to see your getting out and fishing again and being on the site :biggrin1:
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    Congrats Troy
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    Congrats Troy and I hope The EE can get his new PB:biggrin1:
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