Fur prices and How you sell your Furs

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  1. How does everyone sell their furs and what are some of the prices they have gotten for them?
  2. Green and tanned. It don't matter how we sell them. The prices suck either way. I hear coon prices around here are going to be even down from last year only things worth a damn are otters and bobcats. But i'm not in it for the money. I'm in to thin out the damn critters.

  3. Same here crazy but I figure what the might as well make a little money while I'm eradicating them lil critters ha.
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    Back when prices were better than today I always stretched and dried all my fur. But most of today's buyers perfer it either in carcass or green skinned. You don't make quite as much as stretching it yourself but the difference is small. I don't really mind not having to stretch them since the prices are so low anyway.
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    you guys should check out the nafa they get you better prices than what you can anywhere else
  6. Whats nafa? National association of furtakers of america or somethin?
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    north american fur auction the third largest fur house in the world
  8. The best way to get the most money for your furs is to get a hold of a fur brker and sell them all at once. Look in your trapper mag. and see when the closest is to your location. Here in Ohio the closest If I remember right is over in New Jersey. Just get a hold of one and he will get you going in the right direction. Hope this helps.
  9. I sale all my fur green. For the time it takes to strech it and dry it, find a broker or send it to auction, I will take my cut in pay and be fishing the spring instead of fooling with fur. The prices suck as always, but I still enjoy doing it.

    One thing I was taught all my life and have seen at many a sale, is if you want top dollar for your fur selling it green, make sure it is clean and dry. No fur buyer wants to handle wet dirty fur.
  10. Do you know if Danny Perry comes into the delta area of mississippi any for furs i.e. Greenville?
  11. I don't know if Danny makes it there or not, but I can ask him and see if he has his schedule out yet.
  12. Thanks that would be a big help if you could just post it on here when you get it.
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    flatheadundee, the closest danny gets to you is delhi la. he has not put out his schedule yet.
  14. That ain't worth a dang! I can't find nobody close enough to buy furs, I'll go up along the river in the delta area because I hunt there and still can't find anyone. It really seems like this sport is going down quick and it really upsets me I love trapping and it was a good way to make some change. I really wish their were more furbuyers...
  15. Good news. I called the Trappers Assoc. and he said he would be glad to meet us halfway any time in the season. But still, We need a few more trappers in this world!!
  16. NAFA or not the prices still suck. When you have one fur company with 400k furs left from last year and others have just as many if not more then them out there. It all depends on the russians. They say there's enough furs from last year to cover the demand unless it's an extream winter over there. If your trapping now for the money good luck. I just stick to helping out the birds and maybe pay for my gas but I'm not banking on that even.
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    hey crazy, your right about the prices not being worth a flip, you've got to love the sport to do it these days. if you can just pay expences and have a good time enjoying what your doing i think it's worth it.
  18. Yep goodboy, trapping is like fishing anymore. We do it because we enjoy it.
  19. Why not enjoy and sell a few furs at the same time? They may not be worth much but there aint alot else you can do with them besides tan yourself. Tanning is great but hardwork and I tan some of my furs but I can get plenty of fur so why not find a way to get rid of it and make a FEW bucks- thats killing two birds with one stone right there lol.