Fuel filter water separator question

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    I just installed a 16 gal. fuel tank on my pontoon boat. Always before I used 2 6 gallon Attwood portable tanks and there was usually a little crud left in the bottom. I always dumped it out and started clean. With this big tank I won't be able to do that.

    The 50hp Merc uses 50/1 fuel mixture and in Missouri the only kind of gasoline I can get is 10% ethanol. I know that ethanol absorbs water, and I always use Sta-bil, and 90 octane gas.

    I want to add one of those spin-on fuel filters (looks like an oil filter) and this is where my question comes up. Some of them say "Fuel filter" some say "Fuel water separator". I want to do both so do I need 2 of them or is there one that does both?
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    I just put a moeller clear site on my boat. It has the spin on filter the cartridge is also threaded on bottom for a clear fuel bowl with drain. About the same as a racor 320. I will say it looks like it belongs on a D9 or something seems like over kill io me.

  3. I use the fuel water seaperator from wal-mart some will say aww thats not good enough but I have had it a long time and it stil works good. I change the filter once a year and more if nesessary.
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    Appreciate it.
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    1 Attwood "fuel/water separator complete (bracket - filter - plugs) $27.95. 1 in-line fuel filter $2.95. Took about half an hour to install.

    Thanks again Willard.