Fox River depth question

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  1. This has been an ongoing question of mine, but would anybody who runs a boat on the Fox River through Cary/Fox River Grove know what the depth is like there? Mainly near the Rt. 14 Bridge and Lions Park area? Been fishing there my whole life off of my family's property there, but never really been out in a boat and not too sure of the depth on that stretch of river. Thanks in advance for any input!
  2. Pretty interesting question. I've been to that area a few times but never caught any type of catfish. Where do you fish there? Any flatheads?

    Are you fishing right under the bridge? Lots of boats speeding at high speeds I can't imagine fishing there.

  3. Roman,

    My family owns a cottage just downstream of the bridge. Been fishing from our 2 docks since I was a little kid and we've always caught fish. Mostly channel cats, carp, bluegills, crappie, drum, largemouth, and the occasional flathead. It's not very labor intensive fishing, we've got some rod holders anchored into the dock and just throw out whatever bait we've got and sit back. There's a whole bunch of docks along that stretch and the fish tend to stick close to them. Never fished right below the bridge but I'll bet there's some there. My avatar came from our dock, it's about a 16lb flathead...but have caught a few others about the same size and a good amount of 8-10lb channels while fishing live bluegills out there. At the end of our docks it seems to be maybe 5ft deep max, so I've always wondered about out in the channel where people run those big boats and such. If its got some good depth to it, there's always a possibility of some big fish. Neighbor of ours caught a 30lb flathead off of his dock years there's got to be something in that stretch that attracts big fish there.
  4. Rick,

    Thanks for sharing that. Although I can't speak for how deep the Fox River is in your region, I can tell you that the Fox is not that deep where I fish.

    I've waded below the Mchenry dam dozens of times and when the water level is stable I can cross from one side to the other (about a hundred yards below the dam where it's more shallow). I'd say the channel is 4-5 feet deep on average in this region. However most of the area right below the dam is pretty deep especially by the rocky side which I would guess to be over 10 feet easily.

    Sorry I couldn't be of more help. Hope you get the answer you've been looking for!
  5. In the stretch of river directly underneith the rt 14 bridge or shall i say the rail bridge, starts an 11 foot deep hole. Now this is interesting. I would say this spot to fish upstream at the head of hole is bout a nine to fish. All around the passage is shallow gradiente, and then add the high speed boats to the mix is a very difficullt location to set lines. The best time to fish would be after 12:30 when most boat traffic is at a null. I think what is attractive to the location is the deepest locaton of river in miles, possibly up to Stranton Dam maybe up to Rt 12 Bridge extreame north of Pistakee Lake. This would most deffinitely attract fish. Add the shalloe flat cross river at lions park and u set the table for a feeding freenzy. Of corse the wright bait at the wright time shall yield great results. The hole starts immedietly at the north of rtr 14 bridge and quickly exicutes after the rail bridge. best way to set up with a boat to fish the hole would be to anchor in the main channel. This is illegal and dangerous. I would suggest fishing during high water when the lower river is in a no wake. Or anchor or shore fish from the east primary or the west secondary of the river to have greatedt success. Lots more to talk about but better if done verbal.
  6. All ways looking for a second mate aboard catfish one. Let me know when ya want to catch some good fish.
  7. Roman,
    Thank you for the information...I've been up to McHenry one time, didn't get to fish but it looked like a nice spot.

    Thanks also for your input. It intrigues me greatly to know there's a nice hole near the bridge, just about 100 yards from our property. I knew something had to attract big fish to the area. I'm hoping we'll be making a trip up there sometime this year to visit family and wet some lines.

    Tight lines to both of you!
  8. Pete,

    Thanks for the info!

    Where exactly is the hole on my picture? In the red circle or in the blue circle or am I way off base here?

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  9. Roman ur circles are good way points. The blue circle is the deep hole. The red is the shallow. its almost compleatly descriptive of what lies beneith. Unfortunatly ur a shore fisherman and there is no place at least convinenant to fish from. The only option is from lions park to the south east of the red cirlce but its a sun uo to sun down location. This locaation has another difference to the rest of the river. ITS NARROW. current pics up her signifficantly. Flats are drawn to current. Where theres moving water theres baitfish, where there is bait youve got predators. Thats thereason for the hole. If researched time fold and have always heard of flats being taken in the F.R.G, Cary area. My guess the bottom is different than the typical muddy flats. The cary relm south to bout extreame north algonquin is full of vegitation free, sandy gravel beach, proportinal depth, and less boat traffic. The best ingedients to a river system that is free of 18 foot deep holes with abundant cover. Only thing missing to make it a true succsess story is large viable tributaries provinding forage and current seams.
  10. Pete, thanks again for the info. I've seen guys troll through that hole, but like you said its impossible to anchor there and fish. We always fish just downstream of there and now I can see why we've caught some nice fish out that area and seen some bruisers caught as well. I always wondered because when you look at the area, not much stands out as far as the possibility to attract big fish other than those I always figured there had to be a hole around those bridges.
  11. I haven't really paid any attention to the deeper side of the bridge where the hole is at the last few times I've been to the area. Now I am wondering if there is any shore access at all to the other side.

    Pretty unfortunate that a hole like that is hard to fish from shore or boat.
  12. Roman, unfortunately you'd have to walk through somebody's property on either side to get to that spot. Unless you walked the train tracks, pretty sure that's public property...but that would be pretty dangerous in my opinion.
  13. Rail lines are always private property! I think because there is such limited access thats what makes the "brusiers" come out. Always has been said limited pressure excelent results.
  14. Pete and Rick,

    Have you guys ever fished the Fox River in Antioch? From Rt.173 down to the state park boat launch?

    I've heard stories about big flatheads being taken from that stretch of the river and apparently a bait shop (or a bar ... I can't seem to remember) has several pics of these large fish (some over 45-50lbs).

    I wonder where the good spots are in that area.
  15. As much as I've always wanted to try other places on the river, I've never fished anywhere but off of our property...mostly because I'm from out of state and would have to purchase a license if I was fishing away from our private property. Good luck if you do try in sounds like there might be some big ones there!
  16. I have fished this location a few years back. At the launch its not very accesable but from the boat its about a 15 minute slow now wake cruze to grass lake, There are numerous deadfalls, subbmerged debris and some deeper bends. I personaly havnt herd much about flats from this aera. I think i might explore more
  17. Any chance this area is accessible in my boat ? I have a 17 foot deep V and i really wanna get out on the river tuesday and night. Any chance i can stay out late ? I need to find a ramp that is open late.
  18. Musky dude, I think the launch is open 24 hours. But like I said its been some years. Threres lots of launches open late. I dont know where your coming from but two places to check out. First being at Burtons bridge which is ill 176 between Prarie Grove and Island lake ill. Depending on your boat size the fee ranges from 10 to 20 dollars. The next location which is bout two miles down river to Broken Oar (bar) Fee starts at 15 dollars. These two locations will provide u with ample river to explore if u havnt already. Launch at Burtons bridge is 24 hours, Broken oar will close at 100 am. But Ive put 15 dollars in an envelope on the windshiled after hours and had no problem. Since i do most of my fishing from these points its the best info I can provide. Been a long time since I fished the chain. Cant think off the top of my head of locations on the chain to launch from on such shorot notice. If you launch from state park at 173, its a good streetch of calm river to start from and will dump u into grass lake to the south. Dont forget your user fee for the Fox Waterway Agency. If you dont have it maybe ok. Never seen many patrol boats out past night.