Ford Ranger,how much boat will it handle?

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    I bought one new in 1994 with a 4cyl and 5 speed,it pulled a boat ok.3 years later I had a chance to trade for a 1994 with a 4L auto and tow package and only 12.000 miles,I pulled a 18 ft fiberglass with an IB 292 Chevy on a 2 axle trailer,that boat was very heavy but the truck pulled it ok.I had a 2001 with a 4L v6,5 speed 4x4,I loaded the truck then I loaded a Blazer on a 16ft trailer and towed it 650 miles with no problems but the truck didn't get but 11 miles per gal.with that load.I had a 1988 Chevy S10 2.8 v6 4x4 and it wouldn't pull a 14 ft al boat without running hot so I traded it for the 2001 Ranger.
  2. I pull a 15' Duracraft with a 25HP motor with my 93 V6 Ranger Automatic never had any trouble. I've even pulled it on the interstate at 75 MPH a few times. I used to pull it with a Toyota Tercel 4 cyl. Mine whole rigs weighs about 1200 lbs.

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    Good Morning, It's not necessarily the torque issue that you need to be concerned regarding your truck. The problem with the truck that you own is that the transmission that it's equipped with is called an "A4LD". Although the proper translation to it's abbreviated name is, Automatic 4 speed,Longitudinal Drive, WE in the business call 'em Automatic 4 Speed LIGHT Duty. They are very weak & NOT good for towing if you are pulling anything heavy, especially in hilly terrain. Be sure that if you are going to use it for towing purposes that you have a large transmission cooler & take it out of Overdrive when pulling hills or passing someone.

    You will save yourself a lot of grief & $$$$, believe me I know, I own a transmission shop & made mega $$$on these trannies:wink:
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    Depends a lot on how you drive, I've overloaded a pickup a lot of times but I accelerate slow, brake ahead, and am slow on the curves. I think the truck can take it if the driver is careful.
  5. What does Ford say? 2000#, I would think, maybe more. Go for it.
  6. Jake,
    When you get it, give me a holler and i'll go on a test run with you provided my back is better then.
    BTW, you been down to the dam lately? I need some more skippies, mine are all mushy from the freezer getting unplugged for a day or 2 and then re-freezing them.
    Good Luck on getting a boat!
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    Thanks for all the helpful advise as others seem to be looking at the same subject.Some of you are using the Ranger 4 cyl. standard and are happy with it and others have pointed out pitfalls doing it.Will add a little knowledge of my own from over the years.I owned an 89 Ranger with a 2.9 6 cyl. that would have pulled a 2000 lb. boat with no problems and would think the 3.0 are about the same.This is the weakest truck I have ever owned.Had it for five years without any trouble except for the deer that went threw the grill.
    As someone pointed out the Ranger automatic transmission is weak,I know this to be true.As already been said in this thread it should not be in overdrive when towing or hauling heavy loads.After checking the manufactures sites was surprised at the weight of good heavy aluminum boat.Loaded for fishing with a 40 hp. could weigh over 2000.Will continue to look for a boat but will also start looking for a truck,probably a 4.3 Chevy.haven't had any experience with that engine so would appreciate any comment anyone has about them,power-gas mileage.
  8. I mentioned in my previous post that I also have an S-10 4x4 as an extra.

    It has the 4.3 liter Vortec V6. I couldn't be happier with that motor.

    Plenty of torque and it gets up and scoots when you mash the gas pedal.

    It has mud terrain tires...and when you get into a good wallowed out just digs in and churns it out as long as you keep the gas at a slow steady rate.

    If you floor jumps straight up...and launches forward.

    Can't say enough good about that Vortec V6.

    Well...mine has over 300,000 miles on it...and it's still getting my son to and from school everyday...and takes his abuse on the weekends as well when he goes out.

    That pretty well says it all.
  9. Jake I used to havea 12 ft sears game fisher fiberglass like the one for sale on here pulled it all over with my old 1983 Honda Civic station wagon. Even towed it from the panhandle of Oklahoma to Truman on vacation one year loaded down with camping gear a 5 horse motor me the ex wife and my 2 kids it did just fine. used to put it in at a lake in the panhandle that was pretty steep and rock lose rock incline sure miss that boat and the Honda.:smile2:
  10. I would say roughly 16ft or shorter, but then you could pull more, but it's also more about how much can you stop? My 2003 Dodge Dakota with the V6, I have some modifies, could pull my dad's cuddy cabin but I might not be able to stop it. I pulled about 3/4th of a 16ft trailer of wood with my truck, but I also have a hidden hitch, so your bumper may not be able to handle as much as a hidden hitch/under bumper towing kit.
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    I have a '97 Nissan pick-up (I know, I should be ashamed for not buying American), 2 WD, little 4 cylinder. I pull a 15 ft fiberglass '69 Starcraft with an old 30 horse motor. I haven't had any problems pulling it...or stopping it! However, not many hills up here in northern IN. I do avoid some of the steep ramps at reservoirs because I know they can get a little greasey. I also would never launch at a gravel ramp with it.