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  1. I am curious if the is a book on getting started tying flies that some of you guys would recommend?
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    let me know when you find one.

  3. Not a problem I sure will. I know the Boy Scout shop has a book titled Fly fishing in 24hrs that is supposed to be really good but not about tying flies I don't think.
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    There is a lot of good ones. "The Benchside Introduction To Fly Tying" by Ted Leeson & Jim Schollmeyer would get you off to a good start.
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    Nathan, If there is a bass pro near you, stop in to their fly shop and pick up the video "Handcrafting Effective Flies" It covers making 6 different flies and will give you a good start on the way things are done. I got my start this way and it is money well spent. When you decide on a fly BOOK, you'll understand better what they are talking about and it will make tying flies a lot easier.
  6. There are many books as mentioned b 4. If'n u look at the books make sure they explain how the matrials work aswell,. And the proper way to tie on materials. Very important. U need to understand how certain feathers and furs work. And how the balance out a fly u r tieing. Some feather r hollow and some arent some feather are half hollow fibers and some arent; Same with deer hear. Most dear body furs are hollow fibers. With buck tails arent. Anywho not to rambler to awful much about it.. There are alot of beginner books. Id look into **Fly tying for beginners** by Peter Gathercole But once u learn how materials work and the proper way to tie em n. Then u can make ur own patterns...
  7. Ditto on that book, that the one I have learned a lot from.