Flathead catfish in Iowa

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  1. I have been catching flatheads that are 6-7 lbs but none bigger than that latley. I know we are right around spawning time, i wonder if that has anything to do with it. I fish a smallish river in Iowa but it has produced some big flats like 20 and 30's. Seems to me that a smaller river makes them easier to locate. Any one else near Iowa having any luck?
  2. Matt, now is a bad time for what you are looking for. I'm not sure on the exact dates but things will be slow for a while. Catching anything is a good omen.

  3. Hi Matt! Welcome to the BOC.
    A buddy of mine caught a 32 pound flathead last Sunday on the Skunk river at Oakland Mills in SE Iowa. She was loaded with eggs so there are some flatties swiming around that haven't spawned yet. Be happy with your 6-7 pounds flattie. I haven't caught one over 4 pounds yet.

    What part of the state are you in?
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    I went to the N. Skunk last weekend and all I caught was a small channel cat The river also came up about 2 feet overnight and was really muddy. But the water was 68 degrees I"m not for sure but I dont think they spawn till it is 75 or so. I also seem to catch alot under the ten pound mark, but quite ofter you get one bigger than that.
  5. Thanks for the updates! We are going to give it a shot on the Raccoon river this Saturday night.
    Even if some are spawning I just have to get out when I can.
    Good to hear about the big one on the Skunk River. I have fished the Skunk alot down by Rubio and have done real well on the 20's and 30's in the past.
    I will post a report on Monday of out trip.
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    I caught a 14lb flattie last saturday night at the spillway at saylorville. Prior to that I had been catching some 8 to 10lb channels there but no flats. I hope this is a sign of things to come.
  7. the spillway has some big fish around it. Sounds like some great catches.
  8. Kevin, I was down there last week maybe Sunday? one bite about 11 and I missed. I think the bait was too big. Lots of jerks down there and the campground will be full this week too. Last time it was people bowfishin at night with spotlights and generator running the whole time. It wasn't terrible till they run right by me. Then some other people came and banged their buckets on the rocks. I only get bites when it is quiet and the lights are out. I haven't had much luck down there the last few weeks.
  9. Well we went to the Raccoon river Saturday night with the full moon shining and didn't get many bites until after 2:00 am. Then we got one nice flathead about 5lbs. and quite a few nice channels up to 10lbs. I would say the fishing was slow for all the great bait we had out. I carried 50 nice bluegills with us and most were used. Had to rebait alot. Oh and caught one 4lb walleye on a bank line also.
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    I went back to the spillway Sat. Not much luck. I hooked one good fish but lost it on the way in. I did manage to leave a large amount of gear snagged in the rocks that night. I will be going out on the 3rd but I'm not sure where.
  11. I've been reading reports all week and things sound pretty slow. The bite seems to be if you can find some channels on riprap. I think it is time to stock up on leeches too. I like to get some at least once a year! It seems like they only sell them for a few days. And maybe head down to BC where you can catch some fish by accident at least. I've been doing pretty good not getting snagged up on all those rocks by using a really long pole to hold the line up and casting downstream so the bait settles straight down. It seems like if you cast out into the middle, it just ends up along the shoreline rocks anyhow.