flathead catfish in indiana

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by freazoote, Mar 7, 2010.

  1. freazoote

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    Anyone know where I can fish for flatheads in INdiana?
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    IN THE WATER, lol sorry couldnt resist, someone will help you

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    Welcome to the board. There are dozens and dozens of places to catch flatheads in Indiana. Where you are located will dictate which of them are viable for you.
    The search feature will open up a ton of info to you...W
  4. catfisherman04

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    ask in the local indiana section your probably more likely to find an answer there
  5. There are plenty of flatheads in those paylakes south of Indianapolis!

    If you live way southwestern, try Hovey lake.
  6. Balex123

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    For NW Indiana there is the Maumee River that runs out of Fort Wayne to Ohio. Didn't get to fish it a whole lot last year, but riverscum from here has some really nice pictures of fish from there.

    Have heard the White river has Flatties, never fished, and dunno which stretches of river are best, hopefully someone will tune in on that.

    I believe Turtle Creek reservoir has flatties also, again never fished

    Then of course the Mighty Ohio. You can never go wrong planning a trip down there.

    If you don't get too many hits here Wally, I would re-thread this post in the Indiana section, there is many many guys that just target Flatheads from Indiana that would be glad to help ya.
  7. Monroe Resirvoire has some big flats in it, and it's a pretty big lake as well.
    The white river has some big hawgs in there..
    And if you're into the pay lake scene (i hit them up from time to time)- Try Hubbards South Lakes. Their website is www.hubbardsouthlakes.com
  8. if your into winning money, chose a paylake i like wagon wheel always got luck on my side, but i like fishing monroe, just alot of them dam stripers, but i'd suggest monroe, brookeville, strip-pets,potaka, wabash and white river goodluck!
  9. Turtle Creek Reservoir does have some big flats. A guy caught a 47 earlier this month and the flats just came off there nests. Right now the water is about 20ft above normal and has the fish are on slow mode.