Flathead Catfish Anglers Tournament Series 2012 Sched/Rules

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    All tournaments are 2 man teams, and will be $30 per team.

    5/19 FCATS Tuscarawas River Tuscarawas Boat Ramp Tusky, OH 3pm-12am

    6/2 FCATS OPEN Fish any public water in the state. Sign up and Weigh Ins at Tusky Boat Ramp Tusky, OH 3pm-12am

    7/28 FCATS Muskingum River Coshocton boat ramp Coshocton, OH 6pm-2am

    8/25 FCATS Clendening Lake 799 boat ramp Deersville, OH 6pm-2am

    9/22 FCATS Tappan Lake Dennison, OH 6pm-2am

    10/6 FCATS "Classic Tournament" 3pm-1am OPEN Tournament Fish anywhere in the State Of Ohio. Sign up and Weigh Ins will be held at Tusky Boat Ramp. Tusky, OH


    1. All tournaments are open to Boats and Bank fisherman.

    2. Registration will start 1/2 hour before tournament start time.

    3. You must be in the weigh in line no later than 5 minutes after the posted end time. Example: tournaments ending at 2am, all entrants must be in line by 2:05AM. Anyone more than 5 minutes late will be disqualified!

    4. Entry fees will be $30 per team. ($15 Flathead, $10 Channel, $5 Classic Pot/Prizes)

    5. Each team will weigh in only 2 Flathead, and 2 Channel Cats. There will be a separate pot for Flathead and channel cats.

    6. Any fish that is taken to the scales must be at least 15inches. NO DEAD FISH WILL BE WEIGHED!!!

    7. In accordance with Ohio state law each angler is only allowed 2 rods.

    8. All tournaments will be ROD AND REEL ONLY! NO TROTLINES, JUGLINES, LIMB LINES, ETC. If you are caught using anything other than Rod and Reel to catch fish you will be disqualified. And asked to no return!

    9. All tournament anglers must fish the body of water that the tournament is being held on ONLY!! Open tournaments will allow anglers to fish any PUBLIC body of water in the state of Ohio.

    9a. You MAY use a different boat ramp on the body of water that the tournament is being held, but you may not fish any other body of water other than where the tournament is being held, unless it is an OPEN tournament.

    10. Accusations of cheating will not be tolerated. If you have PROOF that someone is cheating it needs to be brought to the tournament directors attention BEFORE weigh ins begin!

    11. There WILL be cooler/live well/bait tank etc. checks at RANDOM!

    12. There will be $5 of each Teams entry fee from all regular season tournaments going into the FCATS Classic pot/prizes. The Classic pot has the potential to be very large. There is also potential to have some great prizes for the FCATS Classic! The more entries in regular tournaments the bigger the classic pot will be and the more/nicer prizes we will have.