Fishing the trinity river

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  1. TX Fisherman

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    where are some of the hot spots for fishing the trinity near Dallas?
  2. Luke Clayton

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    The Trinity is rip roaring below Dallas right now. I live about a mile from the East Fork and it's been running bank to bank for the past week or so. The Trinity got out of it's banks above Livingston. Now.. to answer your question. I would stay away from the Trinity, especially if you are a boater, for a while. At least until it becomes a bit more "normal" in elevation.
    There is a ramp at the Trinity and Hwy 287 below Richland Chambers Lake but negoting the river now would be a challenge for a very expert boat handler.. Best to wait till it's more stable or.... maybe fish off the bank around the ramp.. I am betting, even with 2 ounces of weight, it would be tough to keep a bait in positon with the swift current... good fishing!

  3. barrelbritches

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    I live here in corsicana , just happen I was at the trinty today running a little over full band , like you said I would stay away from the ramp which is under water now , the curent to swift for me .
  4. Last I looked, the Trinity was still above flood stage at Liberty. Its a dangerous river its full length right now.
  5. This Guy

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    How about when the water goes down? I'm thinking about tryin' it out for some gar.

    When I try to google anything about accessing the river I just get a bunch of info on the Dallas parks programs.

    Access points to the Trinity. For gar fishing, the best seems to be down around the town of Trinity. Believe that's where Capt Kirk, the best gar guide in the state guides his foreign clients for gar. In-Fisherman had a report, both in its magazine and TV show about Doug Stange fishing with Kirk for gar. As I remember, several over 200 lbs were hung. The largest was caught by Stange and weighed over 230.
  7. tufffish

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    the corps of engineers site, at ft. worth district lake level report will tell you about the trinity river down until lake livingston. lake livingston down is in another district, which i do not know.
  8. TX Fisherman

    TX Fisherman New Member

    i knew it was up now, but i figure when it settles back down fishing should be really hott with new holes and new cover....
  9. How is the Trinity looking now?

    I would be interested to fish of off my YAK.

    Any Recommendations?
  10. Well I'm about 120miles south of Fort Worth and the Trinity is not looking too bad. Last week the fishing was pretty good on NIGHT CRAWLERS. Tried em earlier this evening on shad and perch with no luck, but I plan on going back at em at dawn!
  11. coolarrow2

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    I'm heading down to the river in about an hour to fish till morning. I'll be using shad and night crawlers and live mullet if I can get a few caught. I'll give a report. I fish at Liberty.
  12. Danno93

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    Please post how you did when you get a chance. Also, where do you launch at in Liberty, and do you go north of HWY 90 bridge or south? I live in Old River, and have a 14' john boat and am wanting to learn the river in that area. Thanks for any advice. Danny.
  13. TX Fisherman

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    so its down enough for a 15hp 14ft v hull? and does anyone ever fish the part of the trinity below lake lavon dam, but before ray hubbard, (or ray roberts dont remember which)
  14. coolarrow2

    coolarrow2 New Member

    Well I had a bad night! The fish were biting but on the second one I caught I had a fin go into my hand between my thumb and my first finger. It went in far enough to hit a vein or an artery. I was spraying blood all over the boat. I finally got it to stop and I got out the first aid kit and got it covered. I went home after that. It is still swollen and sore but it look like it will be ok. I will be back after them next weekend.
    Danny, man I fish all over, up and down river from the hwy 90 bridge. We have a brand new river to explore now after all the flooding. The fish are every where right now. Good luck.
  15. A buddy of mine came by yesterday afternoon with a cooler full of nice ones 4-7lbs caught all between 8am and 10:30am on the Trinity. So I thought I'd try my luck this morning, did well on cut perch and nightcrawlers. Caught 7 keepers 4lbs the smallest up to 12lbs the biggest, caught em all between 7am - 10am. Will probably go back again in the morning!!!!!
  16. TX Fisherman

    TX Fisherman New Member

    where on the trinity are you fishing bosshawg?
  17. It is about 5 miles south of HWY 21 in Midway TX.
  18. DADJBW

    DADJBW New Member

    Hey guys, what about fishing the trinity in the Fort Worth area? I live up here and dont have a boat. I have heard that you shouldn't eat the fish out of the river here. Any input on that or where to fish from? thx
  19. tufffish

    tufffish New Member

    every once in a while the fish do get even with us. if they never got us it would not be such a great challenge to get them. keep it clean and it will heal quick. i presume that one was eaten.
  20. I also live in the DFW area and there is to much run off where the fish are contaminated you can check it out on the fish and game website honestly dont know the direct web address. I also fish out of Marine creek and Lake worth they ae also on the list of no no's for contaminated fish.