Fishing the moon signs

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    Hi friends , it's getting that springy feeling outside again. Time to get thefoot oil changed in the outboard. New liter lines put on the jug bottles. Time to change the trotline hooks out. You know the familiar run of things. Anyway early spring seems to land fresh water in all the slous around on the river systems, which makes for some great jugging. Later in the year as the water really gets warm it seems that our whiskered friends seem to bite more from the moon signs than anything else. I know in my experience I have caught bigger and more fish on dark nights(early moon phase) than I ever have on bright nights. Now in early spring fish the fronts and bait areas hard. As summer gets here and things slow down, try fishing the darker nights and see if it doesn't pay off huge. Good fishing, Josh
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    I got my stuff ready to go too........... :)

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    Thats a good tip! I appreciate it!:big_smile:
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    I am ready here Kitty kitty:tounge_out:
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    thanks for the tip