Fishing the Ashley River

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  1. I have been working down in charleston for the last few months and havent been able to go fishing as often as Id like too, but I did go Sat. Night to the Ashley River and the bite was a little slow but I did manage to bring in 2 ( a 7 lb'er and a 18 lb'er).

    Anyone else here ever fish the Ashley River? The last couple of times I have been it seemed to be a little slow on the bite but it seems like I always manage to haul in atleast 1 in the 10-15 lb range. I just have not been able to break the 20 lb mark on the Ashley River yet but I will keep on trying.

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  2. Nice fish and good luck with the Ashley. Thanks for the post and continue to keep us updated.

  3. I have fished the Ashely river a few times in the spring. I alawys caught fish but no size to them. My biggest fish there is 16 pound Blue. I hooked a nice one but he spit the hook out. He may have been 20+ but I didnt get a very good look at him before he got off. I had alot of 2-12 pound channels and blues and the bite was good in the spring. Have not been out there in a while, what part did you fish?
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    Jason- my kids fish the Ashley in the Oakbrook area regularly with the same results. They always do best on the falling tides. I would not recommend eating anything outta there. All of the stormwater on this side of Summerville drains there. Much of it untreated.

    BTW- The boys largest is a 22 lbs blue.
  5. David this trip was at oakbrook landing, I went about an hour before high tide and stayed about an hour or two afterwards. I also have fished the section back behind asheboro also with the same results.
    Just a little tip (for the ashley anyways) if I dont have a chance to catch my own fresh bait (Bluegill is my preference) than I have found that lil smokies sausages work extremely well out there, it is cheap 2.18 a pound at walmart and I have caught several 10-15 lbers with them. Just thought that you may want to pass that along to your boys, Danny.

    Thanks again
  6. Good luck on your trip.
  7. Went out to the Ashley River again last night and it was real slow with onley a couple of hits but did catch this 13 lb'er.
    Was trying liver and sausage side by side to see which one would produce better. In all fairness the couple of hits I did have was on liver but caught the 13 lb on sausage, go figure.

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