Favorite Places to Catfish In Iowa

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  1. mr.snag

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    Hello just wanted to start this thread for everyone to tell there fav lakes or river to fish for cats in Iowa .... I'm relatively new to catfishing but i will say the Missouri River along rock dikes has been ok for me . I have yet to get a monster but I'm working on it !!!

    Where in Iowa is that mighty monster catfish lurking????????? One day i will find it .
  2. postbeetle

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    Good luck Lad. Once ya get past the 2-4-D, Nitrogen and hog manure you might land a nice fiddler. Don't eat anything over 3 lbs and you can catch them on a simple J-hook.

  3. Is this guy serious?
  4. Well, yeah he is serious. Lots of manure spills happen, watch the news and the DNR reports.
  5. Even though I don't reside in Iowa, I can tell you my cousin does. He's always telling me stories about the monsters coming from the Des Moines River. Where on the river? Not sure. Just have to do some research on it.

    Good luck on the quest for the monster. Keep at it and it will happen!!
  6. mr.snag

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    I'm not sure what to make of his comments lol ..
  7. I've caught the stories too but they don't fight that hard.
  8. the part about the nitrogen means that iowa farms a lot of corn. to enhance the speed and size of crops nitrogen is used as a fertilizer. the stuff really works too so every non-organic farmer is using it. it runs off fields and into the waterways with every significant rainfall and raises the acidity off the water, mainly affecting coastal regions. i think the hog portion is pretty self-explanatory.
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    When I think about it, I see my catfish world is pretty small. Other than 1 or 2 lakes and ponds, it has always been the Des Moines River. It seems like once you get upstream from Fort Dodge there are very few flatheads.
  10. I just saw the Ft dodge dam for the first time a few weeks ago. It's tall! I can see why they don't get past there very often. It didn't look like a very friendly area to bank fish, either.

    We don't have acidic water in iowa. We have green water. Nitrogen helps make the water that pea soup green color.
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    ive been eatin catfish out of my river in iowa 4 years and im still alive and chances are u have 2 if u live here .every one just got spoked about seven years ago when the dnr finlly did some test and found the chemicals in the water was alittle off. in summery i wouldent worry to much about it if the fish looks normel go ahead and eat it

  12. You all are right, the farther north you go, the less flathead population. However you are wrong, the fort dodge dam is very friendly, how ever don't piss with the locals... :wink: That's my home stomping ground and grandpa and his crew don't mess around, it is very friendly bank fishing if you know what you are doing, have the right gear, and don't piss with grandpa LOL
  13. I just stopped and looked around one day. The water was kind of high and it didn't look like there was much of a spot to stand or sit.
  14. catfish kenny

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    give me a sipp or dessey cat full of mudd and nitro and life be good ...Iowa has some great fishin but ya gotta pay yer dues....we may not have a world record but we do have big fish and good fishin...oh yeah!
  15. catman79

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    i have to say i have fished many rivers in our great catfishing state and my personal favorite is the big sioux river,then missouri river,after that would be the raccoon river
  16. mr.snag

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    Yeah i was thinking about hitting the Big Sioux just north of MO. Valley . Anyone ever have any luck with Mud Leeches in that area? Local Lake here has been putting out very nice cats along the rock shores 8-20lbs on Premos Blood Bait. Lake Manawa shallow lake but man there are some biggins in there.

    Weird thing i have Sonny's right next to it and all they would take was the Premos Blood stink bait . My buddy pulled a 15lber out of there a few days ago then two 8lbers right after that all on the same stink bait . Premos 3 Sonny's 0 for now but hey next week it could switch. Them cats are a little loopy....
  17. catman79

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    the big sioux dumps into the missouri here in sioux city,you must be thinking of the little sioux,not mush for big fish in that one
  18. the watcher

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    i havent been around the state much but rock creek is ok its where the wapsi meets the mississippi and the wapsi itself isnt bad
  19. Longjohn119

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    Yet Senator Harkin and Iowans were Nationally derided when Senator Harkin tried to get some stimulus money to research and cure this problem of hog confinement smells and spills

    Go figure, huh?

    Perhaps a couple of Iowans should get a 'honey wagon' and spread a little 'fertilizer' on the Congressional Lawn and maybe they'd get a different take on it ... Same for the CEO's of the companies that own and run these corporate confinements and see how they like it

    The saddest part is there is enough Methane energy in a confinement pit to light a small town for days but instead of harnessing that energy we let it pollute our rivers and ground water

    Luckily it doesn't seem to be as much of a problem on this end of the state
  20. Longjohn119

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    I've fished damn near every river of any size in eastern Iowa, Yellow River, Maquoketa , Wapsi, Skunk, Cedar, Iowa, etc but my favorite spot is still the Mighty Mississippi

    I would like to take at shot at the Missouri River though