Favorite channel catfish bait

Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by chrisgerow12, May 3, 2009.

what is your favorite catfish bait

  1. worms

  2. stink bait/dip bait

  3. dough bait

  4. bluegill cut/alive

  5. shad

  6. hering/breem

  7. chicken/turkey liver

  8. minnows

  9. eel

  10. crayfish

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  1. anchovies, sardines, hot dogs, clams, nightcrawlers, and stink bait it all depends where when
  2. my favorite is salamanders hooked through the tail, i like leopard frogs too, but the sallamanders have a tough skin and they are hard to get off the hook seem to work the best for me in rivers/creeks

  3. boombalaty

    boombalaty New Member

    Hands down cut shad or carp for me.
  4. Mic

    Mic New Member

    Grasshoppers and Junebugs
  5. fubar4life2010

    fubar4life2010 Well-Known Member

    I use a old method my grandpappy taught me!shhh!dont tell nobody!
    Take a 5gall bucket fill it with maize,then run it full of water,put a lid on it let it set in the sun a couple weeks,it will turn soured,and extra stinky!cut old plastic milk jugs,or any container,scoop it full of old stink maize and freeze it,take frozen containers fishin in a cooler,not the same one with the beer!when you get to your spot,bust the frozen clumps of maize out of the container and throw them out in the water as far as you can,when they melt the maize spreads out!This will bring all the eatin cats to the spot where the maize is at.After that put on a chunk of liver and hang on!When you clean um you can see thier bellys stuffed with old stinky maize.Well the cats out of the bag now!lol HAPPY FISHING!
  6. 1.Secret 7 dip bait
    2.Fresh Mackerel, great for bigger cats(Can catchEndless amounts of macks out on the local piers)
    3.Chicken livers dipped in stink bait such as bowkers
  7. channelcatt31

    channelcatt31 New Member

    i would have to say whats always worked for me is cut large sardines in about 1 inch strips
  8. rocket256

    rocket256 New Member

    I'm gonna have to agree with Doug cause growing up in Cali all my life that was the main bait that you could 90% of the time guarantee that you will come home with some channel cats. But now sense Im in the Midwest I would have to say Don's Catfish Bait.
  9. flatheadman43

    flatheadman43 New Member

    I would have to say my favorite is either worms or cut bait-fish
  10. Hands down it's fresh creek chubs (cut or live) here in Michigan.
  11. jayhawkcop

    jayhawkcop New Member

    I have fished catfish all my life and never heard of using shrimp as bait! What kind of shrimp makes the best bait? Is it the grey colored shrimp you see in the seafood department at the grocery store? Do you use the whole shrimp shell and all, or de-shell it and cut it in small chunks? What about rigging? Was very interested to see that this is such a popular bait!

    The top three in order that I have had the most luck with in order are earthworms, chicken livers (with or without garlic salt), and BJ dough stink bait.
  12. I use uncooked shrimp (grey ones) pop the head shell off and run the hook through the middle from head to tail area, then expose the point of the hook through the shell, drift or still fished this bait will hammer channels everywhere I have ever fished, I think it mimicks and smells like softshell crawdads to them, always a favorite of channel cats. and easier to come by in some areas than crawfish. it is a summer/fall bait in my area, and very popular cause cats from fiddlers to the big boys will hammer them with gleefull abandon. Some guys dress them up with garlic salt and/or other additives, I have always just let the shellfish smell do the job, try it different ways yourself.
  13. joshingle

    joshingle New Member

    i like to crawlers ang cut bait but when in doubt hotdogs have never let me down
  14. loop

    loop New Member

    If your going for large cats live or cut bait( perch,shad etc.) if your going for large numbers of eater size Dip Bait (Team Catfish secret seven, sonnie's etc.
  15. i get the sonnys blood dip bait and sprinke a little garlic salt in it and hold on if there biting they will take it
  16. jayhawkcop

    jayhawkcop New Member

    How would you rig this? Suspended or off the bottom? What kind of hook do you guys use with shrimp?
  17. Most time I use cut bait (Bluegill) but I also use shrimp a lot and dip bait.
  18. ryano

    ryano New Member

    Livers for Quanity...cut gill for Quality !!!
  19. Huck Finn

    Huck Finn New Member

    skipjack followed by night crawlers and grasshoppers
  20. loop

    loop New Member

    Cut bait and large chubs for larger dip bait for filling the freezer with eater size.