Ever seen this jug spool??

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  1. Howdy all,

    About 10-15 years ago I saw some yellow plastic jug spools for sale at a small lake store. The spools were called Kat-Master and were made so that on each side of the spool a 2-liter soda bottle was screwed in to form a slight V shape.

    As I remember a package of two spools sold for about $3.00, and I bought three packages for a total of six spools. I still have three spools left.

    http://oomur.pair.com/wwpotter/images/Jug spools1.JPG

    http://oomur.pair.com/wwpotter/images/Jug spool2.JPG

    http://oomur.pair.com/wwpotter/images/Jug spool3.JPG

    As you can see from the photos there are some good features...when the line is at the depth you want you just toss the jug into the water. No tying off lines, etc.

    It is supposed to rise up when a large fish is pulling on the line, but, I guess the little catfish I always caught weren't large enough to do that. It is also suposed to unroll additional line should a huge fish take it into deeper water...but, again I guess my small catch couldn't do that!

    Three of my jugs rigged like this did disappear...but, most likely a bass fisherman's boat just cut the line, or someone liked their looks!

    I haven't seen any of these spools for sale since the summer I bought mine. Has anyone seen any? I'm just curious...and don't want to buy any because with two bottles per spool, even six jug rigs were very bulky!

    Twenty or thirty rigs would take up all the room in my little boat!:crazy:

    Stay safe,

    Old Bill
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    I've never seen ones like that. However, I have seen some that work GREAT for 1 bottle. And they just happen to be made by a sponsor of the BOC.


    His tattle tale jugs don't take up too much room in comparison to 2 liter bottles.

  3. saw some at wal mart like you are talking about ,that screw on to a bottle
  4. TDaugNOK, Wildwolfproducts does make some good products, for sure!

    I was just wondering if I was the only person who had ever used the Kat-Master spool.

    dinger66, I'll check our Wal Mart and see if they have any for sale. I don't want to buy any, but it will give me a good excuse to visit my "home-away-from-home"!!

    Old Bill

    Hey, if you would like to see a wooden boat I built this year and just sold, click below. Not made to use for catfishing...but, then again any boat can be used for fishing! The boat is on the Wabash River in Illinois.
    http://oomur.pair.com/wwpotter/images/Gypsy Harmonica Wabash River.jpg
  5. Bill, if I remember right, that company had a ad in one of the first In-Fishermans Catfish Insiders.

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    Hey Bill, Nice boat that you built. Got anymore pictures??
  7. Here's a link to some posts I made about making a doohicky like that; I called it a Jugbuddy. After trying the double jugs for a couple or three trips, I decided it was more trouble than it was worth, because the only easy way to wind the line on and off was to unscrew one of the jugs. I developed it mainly because I wanted something that would store quite a bit of line for anchored jugs. I made up something that would do that for a single jug and quit using the double jugs.

  8. Hi everyone,

    CoonX, thanks for the information. I googled "Kat-Master" and found out that the spool was made by Reed Mfg. Co. of Mansfield, MO. However, they may no longer be in business.

    porboy (Bill), Do I have more photos? Man, do I ever!!:big_smile: If you don't mind joining a free yahoo web site there are many photos of the boat and it's construction.


    Otherwise, here are a few more photos:

    http://oomur.pair.com/wwpotter/images/Gypsy ready to travel 3.JPG

    http://oomur.pair.com/wwpotter/images/Gypsy loating on trailer3.JPG

    Jerry, I also found that it is necessary to remove one bottle if the line is going to be wound up very fast. The two bottle jugs are fine if a person only has a few jugs on the water. I'd hate to think about the work if there were 20 jugs out!

    Old Bill
  9. Yup. That's why I came up with something a little different for my anchored jugs. I simply attach a circular disk to the cap, which allows me to wind a whole lot more line around the neck without any danger that it will slide off over the cap. There's a trotline clip attached to the disk, and the jugline has droppers every 3', so when the weight hits bottom, I can hook the trotline clip through the dropper loop. The dropper loops also allow me to attach hooks anywhere in the water column I want. Why hook the trotline clip into a loop? My juglines are 100# test nylon, which is too small a diameter to securely hold the clips; they'll simply slid up and down the line.
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  11. Hi Gene,

    I sent a email to your place of business, but haven't received an reply so it may have been lost in cyber space!:angry:

    Anyway, here is what I wrote:

    "I have looked at your video twice, and the photos of you jug kits several times.

    What I have not been able to figure out is how you tie off, or secure the line, to the spool when you set the depth?

    Do you recommend the Tattle Tail or Regular Noodle jug kits for anchored jugs?

    Thank you,

    Bill Nolen"

    Any information will be appreciated,
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    Old Bill:

    Sorry about the e-mail. I never recieved it or you would have had an answer long before now.

    To answer your question:
    The Spool has a small (1/8 or smaller) in the bottom edge, When you tie the line to the spool, wind it all on there accept for about 4 feet. Take that 4 feet and feeo through the little hole from the inside of the spool. The tie your barrel swivel or what ever termimal Tackle you use(Sinker, leader, and Hook). Now when you hold up your jug you will have 4 feet of line hanging out of the spool. If you want to fish 10 foot deep, Push a little of the line up fo where you can get you finger in the loop and pull that loop up to the top of the jug and just unwind however much line you want to to fish deeper. When you have enough just pull all of that line down thru the little hole in the spool and you are now ready to fish 10 or whatever footage you unreeled. Now wind all that line back on the spool by just forceing it to wind on. and hook your hook in the foam. When you are ready to bait them and toss them out to jugfish with just unwrap the hook and down to your sinker, bait the hooks and Toss it in the lake. The sinker will unwind the rest of the line you wrapped on the spool. I hope that make sense. It sound like a big job but I can reset depths in about 30 secs or less per jug. If you want to see how I rig them up just click the link below and go to that page on my website and watch the video.


    Hope this answers your questions. if not just PM me your Phone # and a good time to call you and I will give you a call>


  13. Thanks Gene, I believe I now understand how the debth setting works.

    I like the design of your kits very much and hope to order one soon.

  14. Never seen any like that before, if it works stick with it.