Dum Bull

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    Anyone ever heard of a Dum Bull. My Grandfather use to talk about
    mischivious boys making them when he was a kid. He was born in
    1893. You took a wooden nail keg and with both ends open you would
    stretch a green animal hide across one end and nail it down tight. Leave
    the other end of the keg open. Let the hide dry. What you would end up
    with is something simular to an indian tomtom. Then in the center of the
    stretched hide you make a small hole and run a stout cord through the
    hide and tie a knot on the back side so it will not pull through.
    You grip the cord firmly right next to the hide and pull back firmly but
    allowing the cord to slide through your hand causing it to vibrate. It is
    suppose to make a horrible noise between a bellow and a growl and can
    be heard for a long distance.
    If done properly every thing in hearing distance would be terrified. Cows
    would bust out of their lot, chicken would stop laying, horses and mules
    would tear up their stalls and people would haul a$$. Anyone ever made
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    Not me, But that does sound pretty cool.

  3. I think the modern version is a air horn:smile2:
  4. Never heard of one of those before. Might be making one in the near future. Would go good with my 6'8" 300# buddy in his gorilla suit :tounge_out: Always a good laugh hearing everybody in town talking about the giant monster walking aroung the old mines for the next couple weeks.
  5. Never heard one,But the South American people that hunt the Jaguar,use a device very similar ,Tho much smaller to call the large cats.

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    sounds awesome! get pics lol
  7. Mickey

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    Sounds interesting. I wonder if it would make some undesirable neighbors move.:wink: