Doug Stange's 82lb P.B.

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  1. Had a great time with Doug Stange today. We ended up with 6 fish for our efforts. Doug caught the big fish of the day weighing in at 82lbs, which is his New Personal Best. We also had a 22,24,and a 62lber with a couple of smaller ones mixed in. What a great day with a new friend.

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  2. What a great day guys.

  3. rocket256

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    Wow what a great day indeed, Congrats Doug on your new PB....Fish On.
  5. Awesome Fish!!! Congratulations!!!! Hurt Locker...
  6. Woo Hoo. Good job. Even the pros can learn a lesson. lol
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    This is bad! This will make Rob have to work to regain the office cat record :)
  8. the blues

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    Great fish. Good job. Will this maybe be an In Fisherman episode?
  9. Hope you know where his daddy lives, so we can look for him when we visit you!
  10. Nice job Jason. That's an incredible opportunity to fish with a incredible angler.
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    Nice job landing that monster!
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    Very Nice Jason!! Way to put a cat fishing veteran on a new PB.
  13. Looks like u guys had a great day on the water! Nice fish and congrats Doug on your new PB! Thanks for sharing!
  14. Awesome fish!! Thanks for sharing
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    and a good opportunity for Jason too! LOL!!! That is awesome Jason!!
  16. Awesome. Good to see him hang a hawg. He's done alot to promote catfishing and spread knowledge through the years.

    Did he have a film crew with him?
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    One Legend putting another Legend on a new P.B.
  18. I'll bet even Jason was nervous on that landing! Did you Choot'm Jason?
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  20. Yep he sure did.