Do Catfish bite in the Winter?

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by sliprig5, Oct 31, 2008.

  1. sliprig5

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    The answer is yes and no. Blue Cats are sure to be caught... eventually. However Flatheads almost stop biting until Spring. Use smaller baits for Blue Cats in deep holes in slow- moving rivers and non- moving lakes You're better off not fishing for Flatties during winter. So, good luck friends. Tight lines
  2. If you can find them.

  3. mankind

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    all catfish will bite in winter if you find them,blues are your best bet flats and channels slow blues(big) improve:wink:
  4. This very question came up in another post not long ago. I was under the impression that flats would stop biting once the water temp goes below 50 degrees for good. Some guys on here say that they have pulled flats out in the winter before though, so this year Im gonna hit some spots. Particularly the deepest holes that I know of (25-30 feet) and see if anything happens.
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    This is true. Some people have even perfected fishing for flathead in the winter. One thing that is generally accepted as fact is flathead get in schools and sit still. The best Idea I've heard so far is using fresh cutbait and trolling along slowly. If you can put it in front of their face they will eat it. When you get a flat in the boat it's time to anchor and cast out in every direction move it every few minutes until you find the concentration.
  6. I travel to Oklahoma in the winter and have great fishing on the Ar river for blues in the winter months. Got my PB last yr the day after Christmas.
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    Flats will bite in the winter ,Down size your bait due to there metabolism does work as well in the cold water. You will have to hunt them down but when you find them you will catch them and present your bait slowley also
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    As I said in another post, they bite year round. You definitely have to switch methods and locations, that's what I found but, I've done some of my best catfishing during Winter months and caught my biggest, a flathead, but, around here S.W. Va. the blues slow down. I catch a load of channels. Keep trying brother, never give up and your diligence will surely pay off. Get on here and read these brothers post and find out what they do about switching methods and location. My fishing changes from season to season. You just have to be serious about that's all.
    Don't worry about the last time that's past, it's a new moment with every cast.:wink::tounge_out:
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    Here in TEXAS,the winter is probably the best time to fish for big blues. We use huge baits and drift shallow and deep. But,I know our winters here are nothing compared to up north. I've never seen water temps lower than 40 degrees. And 40 deg. is rare.
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    Except for the cold weather I love fishing this time of year. There are very few fishermen out, and the lakes and rivers are pretty well all mine. The fish are packed up into deep holes. You can stay in the same spot and catch one after another. I mostly catch channels and a few blues using cut bait shad guts.
  11. They do around here. Usually deep, but shallow works sometimes, too...

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    I'd certainly give it a shot. We caught blues with a some small flatheads (1 really nice one) and a few decent channel cats this past winter. Depending on the water temps they can be surprisingly shallow. The deeper holes tend to produce best.
  13. We continue to catch Blues and Channels in the winter.:big_smile:
  14. My biggest catfish come in the winter. Definitely a good time for blues.
  15. channels are king on the great miami river tend to stack in deep hole and near the low dams chances using live bait you might encounter saugeye of even a smallmouth bass rick
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    I do most of my catching in the winter . My bro . and I went out yesterday and limited out on channel cat averaging 2 - 4 lbs.
    The blues on this lake really go on a tear in the winter.
    People the fish will bite all year long . I have lived on this lake since 1973 . Winter , Summer , Spring or Fall if I want to go catch fish I can.
    The best catching lake around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:big_smile::big_smile::big_smile: