Dissolve or soften carbon?

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  1. Have they come up with a miracle product yet that will soften or dissolve carbon on Aluminum or Steel engine parts at room temperature that anyone has used and found to work?I am talking about a parts cleaner.I see some claims for firearm bore cleaners (which I wonder about).Thanks.

    I love you Brothers and Sisters.peewee
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    sea foam. get it at orielly's or auto zone

  3. I know that Sea Foam is good to fog a motor with,but they don't claim to dissolve carbon.Carbon fouling mixed with gunk yes.

    I was surprised to look up the MSDS sheet on it and find out the ingredients.A light oil.Naphtha.Alcohol.Thats it!No wonder it cleans out a engine.The explosion every time it fires with that mix should blow everything lose and out!I would think that being that it is mostly,oil most of that smoke you see when it is used is this oil burning for a great looking effect.Check it out!

    I am looking for something that might work at room temperature and not internal cylinder temperature.

    I think a lot of people are looking for it and if they come up with a product,They will be rich!

    I love you Brothers and Sisters.peewee.
  4. I remember back in the day all of the mechanics solvent tanks and parts washers had the real shit in them. put a nasty valve cover down in it and come back later and just brush it off. well, regulations prohibit the use of such chemicals anymore in most work-places. now were stuck with the dollar general dish-soap they call solvent. I could drink this stuff and not even get gas. If you could find a source for the old naptha solvent you'd be set. I suggest an automotive machine shop. I think they still use it in thier big dip tanks. I've seen old ford 302 heads dropped in these tanks come out looking like new. anyone thats ever taken the valve cover off an old 302 knows what sludge and carbon looks like. hog-wash, or carb solvent is still pretty good stuff. but, it's $25.00-$40.00 a gallon.
  5. Thanks for all of the answers.

    I am searching on this section as I have looked for read and tried all of the different things that I have read about and can afford on the net from guns to engines.We use to have some good stuff as mentioned to clean gas and diesel engines.When I retired,a Baking Soda solution was circulating in our parts washer.As we all know,distilled water is the most perfect solvent know to man.It may take 5000 years but it will dissolve anything.

    I am trying to remove a gunk-ed up mix of carbon,lead,powder,copper and oil residue in a old Winchester 67 .22.It apparently was shot and oiled but not cleaned for about 70 years.I have good reason to suspect a lot of ".22 Shot & blanks were shot through it for the last twenty years to scare animals and birds out of a garden in a residential area that was country when the gun was bought.A .172 center fire brush was very hard to get down the bore.In fact it took several days.After that loosened up I went with a brush for .177 pellet and I am finely working a .22 brush and Jags down it.

    I started out about 1 year ago cleaning this barrel and have run about everything that I could afford and that friends gave me to try through it.A bronze brush and brute force is all that seems to work with rotating soakings of Hoppe's,Kroil,old military bore cleaner,Eds Red and everything else.I don't have a "Foul Out".I have read ours and every other Gun forum that I can find to no avail.I have gotten to where I can see rifling.I look for a ruined and pitted barrel when through,but some old 22 barrels are in surprisingly good shape when cleaned.At worst it will be a plinker/shot gun.

    Having been around outboards,working maintenance and doing most of my own maintenance most of my life,so I knew this was a logical place to ask for such help.A two cycle engine can sure build up some carbon and gunk.The old mechanics like me also had lead buildup in it too with the leaded gas though you didn't see it like in a gun.The old and newer mechanics browse these threads so a lot of experience cruises through here.

    Being I have a rare un treatable and always fatal cancer,I am not against getting rid of the bad stuff "IF" you have a decent replacement.This is seldom done.

    I love you Brothers and Sisters.peewee
  6. Peewee you might try an foaming bathroom cleaner with an soak time of 5 minutes and scub with an cleaning brush, might have to repeat a few times.
  7. Pee wee try some easy off oven cleaner or use what I use most of the time. Marvel mystery oil.
  8. I tried the Easy off and a old mix of "Red Devil Lye crystals" and water.I just had to be very careful with application and cleanup with no success.I have worked with acid and caustic for 40 years.That was one of my first tries.

    I have been rotating Marvel Mystery oil with the military,Hoppe's and all of the rest.The Marvel seems to work as good as the best of the rest which ain't much on this stuff.I have had a small contained of Marvel in my Gun cleaning stuff as Long as I had a kit.I also used it as directed in all of my 2 cycle engines.You could sure tell the difference in the carbon build up around the exhaust on them when we ran 30 wt.non detergent oil in all of them.Less carbon and what there was was softer and easier to clean off.The new 2 cycle oils must have it in them!

    I think that I just have up to 70 years worth of accumulation and what ever chemical changes can happen in that time.A bronze brush removes more,but I can only get about 5 strokes with out resting awhile.Back when I have put 100 strokes at a session on a big 20 foot long commercial heat exchanger,I could have had it done.Them days is gone and really time to do anything that I am able is what I have.I do believe it gets worse as I go.Most likely because it has had more time to set and harden.If I had a modern barrel,I could try heat,but the old Gunsmiths say these old barrels were a softer steel on the .22s and don't recommend it at all.

    I was looking for a miracle.From what I read,even a Foul out don't work great on this kind of stuff.

  9. You will probably have very little success getting any solvent to dissolve the carbon build up. What you are basically dealing with is the same chemical compound as diamonds, only not as pure, and it hasn't been pressure and heat treated as long. Imagine trying to dissolve a diamond in solvent, it won't work. You'll need something that chemically reacts with the carbon to turn it in to something else that is soluble, or that can bubble away.

    Your best bet is probably to find a way to turn it into carbon dioxide gas, or even water. It may sound crazy, but have you heard of Oxyclean, the stuff that annoying guy is always selling on infomercials? I've used it on organic stains, and it works well. Since carbon is organic, maybe it will bubble it off into CO2 gas? Worth a shot.
  10. Oxyclean,Shout and many other "miracle" stain removers and cleansers along with Go-Jo,and citrus cleaners.PB Blaster to Kroil.Carb,brake and fuel system.Even tried some of the old stuff that they don't make anymore.Some was over 25 years old,so I don't know if it was as good as it once was.

    I had to start out with old well worn .177 BB & pellet gun brushes that thankfully I did not throw away.I thankfully have such "Junk" from over 50 years of cleaning Guns and fixing stuff at home.It came in handy.I would never have gotten a good .177 brush through the barrel as I almost did not get the old worn out one through.I have done everything but run a STEEL brush through tempting as it has been.

    I have cleaned up several old barrels badly plugged almost like this.I would do 100 strokes each way with a bronze brush a day and soak between in rotations of Hoppe"s #9,Military bore cleaner and Marvel Mystery oil.When I could see rifling,I went to 100-200 strokes a day one way.I disassemble and always clean from the chamber end.This is one reason I love single shots!

    The worst barrels seem to be 22's used as a "shot" gun for years.I was told that this gun was shot with shot,blanks and .22lr shells with the bullet carefully pulled so as not to spill the powder,inserted carefully with the gun pointed up,the bolt closed,the gun brought down and fired!This was the way the gentleman scared birds,Squirrels,dogs and all critters off night and day.This was suppose to make noise and sparks out of the muzzle and satisfied the close neighbors!After he died the gun was "laid by" for years.I bought it as "About useless so I am selling them cheap" along with a badly plugged "Remington Target 510P".Thank goodness the Remington was not as badly plugged as it was made later though it looked as if it was shot the same.I for one am glad they were caught by someone who tried to look down the barrels.He tried to rod them out with Brass gas welding rod to no avail.He took them to a Gunsmith who offered to "re barrel them,restock the Remington for a fortune or give him $10.00 for both for parts".The Remington stock has a crack.He came to me and offered them to me for $20.00.I told him the Complete peep and front sight on the Remington was worth more than that.He said"I'm going to sell them to anybody I can get 20 bucks out of".I said "Sold".I figured they were worth the chance.

    Far as I knew he had a reputation for honesty for his 50 years.I did check out his story with others and they were found by him when working on the house and old shelter and the city folk who inherited the place wanted no part of them around her children and told him to "Do something with them,they are yours".I will have earned them if I get them both done right.If not,the parts will help someone restore a old gun.The trouble is that I will not know till I get it Clean.I have already Stripped the Remington stock and finished it totally with pure uncut tung oil by rubbing it in bare handed a little at a time till it was as hot as you could stand it each time.

    Thanks each and every one.When you ask for miracles,us humans ain't as well equipped as the good Lord above.I can not even imagine asking him for a miracle on a gun stock after all of the miracles he has given me.

    I love you Brothers and Sisters.peewee
  11. Hi PEE WEE

    Go to walmart and locate fuel additive section its called 312 chemtool I think!

    It works great.
  12. I got the B-12 Chemtool in a can.They list a intake valve,injector fuel treatment in a plastic bottle 3012 LA number.

    I love you Brothers and Sisters.Peewee.