Danny Kings punch bait

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  1. bud1110

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    I have heard that Danny Kings punch bait was re branded, if so, what is it called now? I cannot find it here where I live any more. Walmart used to carry it and when I asked about it, they said the Distributor they got it from didn't carry it any more.

    Anybody got any ideas where, or if, I can find it?
  2. GaryF

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    "Catfish Gold" is the new name. They have a website to sell it, I'm not sure about retailers.

  3. bud1110

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    Thanks Gary for the information. I will try to find them online. Hope all is well your way my Friend. Long time no see...
  4. wecatfish

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    Danny King's Catfish Punch Bait has not been rebranded as the former distributor refuses to continue business with Danny King. However, Catfish Gold is being produced by the same distributor and it is an overall better bait with better results. This is because, unlike Danny King's, Catfish Gold contains no aquatic weed seed or the carcinogenic poison Chloroform. It is available in three varieties (Original, Blood, and Garlic) on their website Catfish Gold.

    We used the bait yesterday (Original and Garlic) and we caught and kept 54! We never got those kinds of results with Danny King's!
  5. Bud, if you can find a bait called "Doc's" down your way, you won't be disappointed. The catch is you need to fish flowing water like a river as stink bait don't do well in a lake or pond as the smell can't get out there.
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    Thanks for the replies. I haven't found a retailer in my area to buy any Catfish Gold. From looking at their website I won't be ordering any from there. I mean come on, $6.95 + $13.00 shipping don't make any sense at all to me. I will be forced to use something else..lol


    All I fish here is a Lake so the Doc's probably wouldn't help.. Hope all is well your way my Friend.
  7. Catfish_Commando

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    What do the other guys charge?

    If it is cheaper, they are padding it somehow?
  8. If you want to use dip bait try sonny's.
  9. toddrod

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    Academy had Danny King's on clearance the last 2 weeks where I am at. I bought a couple jars for $2 each just to play around and mix it into a soap bait.

    Looking up Danny Kings online shows Catfish Gold and Danny kings are one in the same with the BBB.
  10. bud1110

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    Not complaining about the price of the Bait. $6.95 is about right. Thats what I was paying at Wal mart for it. Plus was, no shipping charges.

    Reckon I need to try academy..
  11. bud1110

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    Well I tried the local Academy store looking for Danny Kings, but they don't have it. Looks like I will be forced to try other options and make my own bait. I will NOT pay the ridiculous shipping charges they want to send a lousy pint of Bait..
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  12. I feel the same..... I'll just use Wicked Sticky!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Just went to dannykingsbait.com and the site is still functional and working. I just bought some a couple weeks ago from Gander Mountain near Madison. Haven't been able to get out yet and try it. Also looked for the Gold stuff people talking about and yes, shipping cost you more than twice what the bait does. No way am I gonna pay $20 for 1 jar of stink bait, no matter how good it is. At that price, it better contain actual gold.
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    Go to catfishgold.com/bocspecial.html We have 3 pints, total shipping $8.00: 2 pints, total shipping for $10.00. If you don't like it, return unused portion for a full refund. We were fishing Sat. put over 50 nice ones in the cooler.
  15. I'LL HAVE TO CHECK MY CAT BAG....I may have some of the old DK stuff if the raccoons haven't gotten to it...

    I may have to check it out.... I've mostly been after Flats but like to check out holes with some stink... or Mackerel