Dams - What part of the Dam is best for Flathead Catfishing?

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  1. Do flatheads live around dams? If so, what part of the dam would be best for flatheads? Should i fish right up on it, or back off and fish downstream some? Should i fish above the dam at all? Thanks for the help!
  2. Dams are always a good place to fish . Below the dam normally holds the most fish as they can;t move up stream.I would fish the Eddy's and back current.

  3. On the Mississippi I've been there when they run water thru, get as close as you dare use cut bait and hold on if they are in there it is a outstanding fishing trip. I fished a tournment last year and just wasn't in the spot and watched everyone else slay fish including the winner of the tourney. It truly can be awesome but BE CAREFULL as it is the most dangerous places to be even with a big boat.
  4. The dam that i would be fishing at is not accessible by boat. A boat was capsized last year and 2 people died. Now, you aren't allowed to get right up on it in a boat. You can still shore fish though!!
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    Here in PA on the mon river i fish bellow a dam from shore probally about 200 yards downstream and catch alot of nice healthy flatheads with my biggest at 40 pounds for PA thats big i see alot of guys on boats closer to the dam but i dont see them catching any great numbers . but my friend caught a 41 pounder in a boat so anywhere around a dam should be productive. If there is alot of shore line to fish dont be afraid to get up and move.
  6. If you were to check my public profile, you would notice that, i too, am from PA!!!!! I live about 20 mins. south of Harrisburg, and I fish the Susquehanna River. Anyway, thanks for the advice, I'm sure it'll come in handy!!
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    im assuming your fishing a low-head dam? lots of lowheads near me but they vary as far as bottom contour and depth. the only ones worth messing with are the ones that have a pool and water 8ft or deeper. if so just look for slack water right off of the swift current during the day and fish the rear and sides of the pool at night. there is so much baitfish stacked up in those pools that flats really dont have to move much, just wait till something swims by.
  8. In response to your assumption, yes it is a lowhead dam. It is used by a hydroelectiric company to well, produce electricity lol. It is a fairly common area for people to fish for catfish, so I'm sure there are some in there!
  9. J, fish that dam till you can't stand it no more. Then get in a boat and probe all around it. I caught all my biggest fish back in my shore-bound days at the dam. I don't care if the water is 12 feet above flood stage, there will be flats in the area. The water is rushing by very fast on the surface and against the line you have casted out,but on the bottom there is little current, they can hold down there with ease, if you can put on enough weight to stay in the scour hole you'll catch fish. Any place with no current but next to it during high water is another place to present a bait. If the waters high use the biggest bait you can 1 to 2 lbs, there is so much turbulence and water noise you need to go big. Plus the little ones have cleared out and went downstream where the water is calmer.
    Now during normal water levels in the summer, place one in the middle of the scour hole, one at the face of the dam, and one at the tailout where the water gets shallow again. They will feed at one or more these spots. Find where then put all your baits there. Remember though that they can switch from one to another at any time, they're chasing baitfish.
  10. Is any one spot on the dam going to be better than another? If so, which area?
  11. I fish a dam in pittsburgh and catch all kinds of cats tons of big channels 10+ pounds and alot of big flats at night. I fish right in the turbulance below the dam and right up againt this wall that runs perpendicular to the dam. Dams provide alot of O2 and tend to be a bit cooler, which in turn attracts alot of baitfish, which attract alot of preditor fish.
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    Used ta be a small power dam on the Osage. They blew it out to facilitate clear travel for bass fishin I guess. On one end was a 3 hole power house. You could throw yer line into the hole nearest the dam and catch flathead. I always figgered if ya could find the nearest dead water ya could do allright cause the only time the hole was any good was when they weren't running water thru for power. One ol boy even took his boat back in under there. Ever now and then he'd cut loose and take a fish out in the open so he could handle it.
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    not sure all terminology, during my bank days fished a little at marmet locks. old man told to throw about 20yrds into the turbulance of running turbine and let it take my line til it let it settle { must have reel with plenty of line} i did this about 30 min later i landed 8# flat, recast 30 min later landed 9# flat. by this time was getting late others fishing didnt have reels with enough line to do this, so they werent doing so well and ready to go.
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    I usually have the best results right smack dab in front of the dam. The point of this is to cast right infront of the apron where the water flows over the dam. This lip under the dam (apron) is where the water spins and forms kind of a vortex. on the outside of this the catfish set and wait for baitfish to get caught in the spinning water and then attack.
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    I have never fished any dams on any major river, but the dams I have fished, the fish can be anywhere. You just need to fish them thoroughly. We are only allowed 2 rods per person here in Ohio, but if you have others fishing with you, don't hesitate to spread your lines out