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  1. I've been playing with the idea of a Cumberland river trip. I was up there several years back and had a good time , but only got to stay one day. We stayed in Dover. I wanted to come back up from S.C. to fish 3-5 days on the river. I can remember going behind a dam and catching skipjack from the bank, it was a hot water discharge. We were up there in Feb, so I know it was hot water, but just can't remeber where it was. In your local opinion, where would be the best place to stay( town wise), best part of the river, best ramp, and best bait source. We've been going to Wilson and Wheeler in Ala, for the past couple years and we're thinking about a Cumberland trip. Where would be the closest section of the river from S.C. with good fishing and bait source? I know people are reluctant to share good fishing info, but it's for a trip, no other reasons. I know there's big fish there, just want a shot at one. Any help would be nice, a post or pm would be great,Thanks
  2. If you come to Carthage Tn. There is a dam called Cordell Hull. I have been catching several sips there actually caught 400 a couple of weeks ago. There is two boat ramps on each side of the Dam and there are nice hotel at the exit off I-40. There have been people catching alot of big cats in the river below the dam.

  3. you cant go wrong with cumberland city or dover. havent been to cumberland city for skipjack recently but caught a bucket full at cheatham dam the other day soak ya some skip jack filets and hold on tight
  4. Men I want to thank you all for the tips, keep the info coming. I may pm some of you all for directions later on. Like I said, I was there, I remember catching the skips behind a dam from the bank and then we put the boat in across the road I think. I saw several good places when we were there. I just want to pull my rig and go all out for about 5 days. Please keep the info coming. The more places I have to choose from the better. I like the idea of being able to catch bait near the ramp.
  5. man if you are coming to cumberland city or dover let me know. I would be up for a day of fishing. Hunting schedule permitting. Just let me know when you are heading this way. And skipjack is the key around these parts or thread fin shad. Good luck
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    If you got or they have some really good maps that show boat docks and decent maps of the river and surrounding areas. I fish around this area reguarlly and the blues will be biting come winter and the crappie as well, Some good spots on barkley lake thats dover / kentucky lake = tennesse river paris tennessee it is a major river biger than the cumberland and very close. Either way you go good luck and be safe.
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    sounds like you're describing cumberland city steamplant......there's a bunch of skipjack down there in the winter. There's a gathering down there too every February.......
  8. I really don't remember. It was close to dover, because we stayed there and then went and caught skips, then lauched. Is Cumberland City that close, if not we is the closes hot water discharge in that area, that would almost have to be it. Seem like the discharge was on one side of the road and the ramp was off in a hole somewhat on the other side,and right above the ramp on the river was a huge metal wall, look like somewhere a barge may tie up. . Ya'll are helping alot, I'm sure we can pinpoint the place. Thanks for the info, keep it coming.
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    Yeah your talking about the Cumberland City Steam Plant... It's the only hot water discharge in that area.