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  1. Ok so I am getting back into slab seeking and I am trying to find a place or places to get cheap deals on rods reals and terminal tackle. I am not looking for the best top end equipment just affordable, cause money doesn't grow on trees but as long as it works and can make it a couple seasons I am good.

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    Chris, You can't beat Walmart for rods, unless you want something longer than 7ft. Chapman Creek outfitters has one of the best selections of Crappie tackle on this area and they supply most of the others. I would check them out. Tell them Catfish Chasers sent you. PS. Give me a call if you get time to go and we can go hunting slabs together sometime.

  3. Dave Walmart has 9ft crappie rods now. The reel they sell with it is junk but I just need the rod. I am trying to get away of my 5ft rods. I have one 7ft rod but would like to have some for reaching out a little farther. I will have to go out there sometime and check them out.
  4. Bring your machete when you come this way. You can have all the 12-14 foot crappie poles you can carry. LOL
  5. If it's not on their site give them a call.
  6. Well my wife suprised me today and ordered me a 10ft slab seeker combo from cabelas. Now this is just the begining of future purchases. She told me I thought I was a good boy this year and Christmas came earlly. Man I Love her.
  7. I think you will like that combo, I picked one up the other night at the Cabelas VIP night. Can't wait to use it, but from messing around with it it seems to be a great set up for the $.