Coosa River Start up - when do the catfish become active?

Discussion in 'GEORGIA RIVERS TALK' started by Jack Herber, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. I've been fishing the Coosa for a couple of years now but I have a question for some of you more experienced guys (yarnmaker, you out there?).
    When do the Coosa cats start to become active again? Are they even in the river now or are they down in Wiess Lake?
    All my cat rods have had the reels cleaned and greased and brand new line has been spooled. I placed two pick up loads of Christmas trees in Alatoona in preparation of the spring fill. Damn, I got that done way too early and now I'm chomping at the bit to get on the water.
    So, what's the word. Does it pay to make a trip to the Coosa yet or is it down and unfishable like Alatoona and Wiess?
  2. Jack, you wouldn't want to spill the location of those trees would you? I wouldn't have any problem helping with the cats:)

  3. It's no big secret. I placed them in plain sight at the county boat ramp closest to the dam. Take I-75 to exit 290 (state highway 20). Go East on 20 about 100 yards and there is a right hand turn labeled "20 Spur". There is a Wendy's on the corner. Follow the signs back about 5 miles to the public boat ramp. With the lake down over 16 feet, you will be able to see a LARGE blow down on the side of the ramps. I have jammed a tree under each remaining branch and tied a few to the top of the main trunk. There is also a large jutting rock with a 6 foot stump nearby. I have tied three trees to the stump. All this can be seen from the boat ramp so anybody launching will know about them. The good thing about that is most people launching now are bass fishermen and, yes they will all try some casts there after the lake comes back up. But that isn't going to bother the cats I hope will also be attracted to the bream and such.
    My advice is to get out there now while you can still see where they are and get a line of sight on them. After the lake comes up they will be in 15 feet of water and you won't have a clue as to their location.