Coosa River Records

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  1. Quick question. Does anyone know an approximate size for the record blue and flathead out of the Coosa? I know that I have heard of at least 30# class flatheads. I have no idea for blues, 30-40#?? I bet there's so jumbo flatheads in there. I never hear of many people fishing specifically for flats there. I mostly hear about the blues being caught.

    Also has anyone even seen the level of the Coosa lately? I have not even taken the time. I assume it is still low for the ramps. Thanks

  2. Sage, that site is great. Thanks!
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    Got what you're looking for Marc. The Coosa River records for catfish are; blue-61 lbs. 4.8 oz., channel-19 lbs. 8 oz., and flathead-34lbs. 8 oz. My dad caught the flathead record on May 31 of this year and I netted it for him (too bad it didn't hit one of my poles). It beat the old flattie record by 6 lbs. I'm sure there are bigger flats in there, but channels and blues outnumber flats on the Coosa.
  4. Thanks. I am impressed with the Blue size! That is great about your Dad too, congrats. I had always wondered, but was unable to find the info.-Thanks
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    I started a thread about records with some useful info, I hope.