Cold fronts - Do they affect catfish?

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  1. can anyone tell me if channel cats are affected by cold fronts like other fish? a cold front passed last night( it was 62 yesterday and today it was in the 40's) and i went fishing this morning and did real well. i wound up with 12 channels. i was fishing in a bend in about 8-10 feet of water with a pretty good current. caught them all on cut shad. ive always been taught fish dont bite good during a cold front but i had a similar day last year and i almost didnt even go because of the cold front. it just seems to me that after a good rain, be it a cold front or a warm front, they just bite. period. does anybody have any comments on this?
  2. I absolutly believe that the weather effects bite. I think right before a front moves in is an exelent time to go the barometer starts to move and so do fish wanting to grab a bite to eat before the storm. Of course any time it rains I'm gonna try to make it to the river.

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    Yes it does when a cold front has moved in the fish seem to get lock jaw.
  4. I like to fish ahead of a strong front. It seems the low pressure ahead of a storm caused the fish to feed, but after the system passes through, I don't do nearly as well for a day or two.
    I've also had some excellent deer hunting ahead of a strong storm, especially a tropical storm or hurricane. I've taken several nice bucks with the wind blowing a gale, and rain beating all around me.
  5. baitfish, thats what i think too. i had just read a newspaper article that said fish will move deep when a cold front passes. this may be true for some species but i have caught cats in 3 foot of water the day after a major cold front. i think the main thing here is that cats know its time to feed after a rain because the baitfish are seeking the warmer rain runoff.
  6. I agree 100 percent! The rain runoff also washes natural baits into the water.
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    i think channels are affected by fronts but not to the degree that flats are. when a front approaches or has passed there are big changes in the barometer for one, more/less sunlight, sometimes a lot of rain runnoff, etc. in my opinion its the barometer that is most important. fishing is dynamite when a front is 24-38hrs away but its terrible if its 1-15hrs away. after a front/or storm passes the barometor starts rising again and if there isnt a big batch of high pressure moving in fast the fishing will be good again . but most often a HIGH follows and shuts the cats down.
  8. I have done well before a cold front and I have times before a cold front that I don't get one bite. I have better luck on days that its warming up after a cold front. After a good rain I usely do good around feeder creeks and at spillways. And if the rain has got the lake / river over its banks flooding grass and brush that usely wouldn't be in the water I do really good. I like to use worms when this happens or grasshoppers, the reason being is thats what there after when the water is way up.