Chicken gizzards and hearts for catfish bait

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  1. Has anybody given these a try? I was going to pick up some livers at the store today and seen a 1lb package of hearts and gizzards for $.50. So I cut them up in chunks and im letting them soak in garlic powder over night. Im going to try them out and see how they work. One thing I noticed right away is that the meat is so much tougher and will stay on the hook alot better. So hopefully I can catch some cats with them:big_smile: . Of course if they arent hitting them at all, then i will change to crawlers or throw my net out and get some shad.
  2. I'm anxious to see how they work. But gizzards and hearts are so good fried and with hot sauce.

  3. Never tried hearts, but I've tried gizzards alongside livers several times; the livers caught fish, the gizzards caught nothing.
    If you're looking for a tough bait, try cutting up some salt pork into bait-sized pieces.
  4. Tried to use gizzards and hearts along time ago and had zero luck. I had liver on the hooks in the same area as the other and caught fish all night long. I think the feel of the hearts and gizzards (kinda tuff) is not what the cats are looking for. I have recently been using turkey liver and I am doing well with them. They are larger than chicken liver and theystay on the hook better. I can launch them out about 50 feet into the river without slinging them off.
  5. Ok Guys Hearts right from the store have been washed and will have no or very little blood on them. I use chicken and turkey hearts all the time and catch fish up to 50 lbs on them. You will need to add the hearts to some blood or chicken liver and let them soak. When they get blood in them again they are as good if not better then liver and they stay on the hooks great. Sometimes we catch 3 or 4 fish on the seem heart try that with liver.
  6. I've tried them before, they stay on the hook real well, but...they don't have quite the scent or bloodyness that livers do, so your best bet is to soak them in something stinky like garlic powder or even add some extra blood in there and let them marinate.
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    I have had some luck on hearts at times
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    Give that "chickenbait" to the dogs. Go to the fish market and get some fresh caught fish like Perch, Shad, Mackeral, Bass and chop it up, put it on a hook and let em have it. The "filet mignon" of catfish bait. Or get a small gold spoon and jig for some fresh caught bait. Put a chunk on a 8/0 hook with a slip sinker, now your catching cats!
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    My father in-law always used Turkey liver. Said it stayed on much better than Chicken liver.
  10. I have used chicken hearts and gizzards straight out of the package. They worked so good i caught 3 stringers full of cats. They are also good at ******** where you have to throw way out to get to the big fish.
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  11. If chicken LIVER works, then GIZZARD and HEART should work too!!!! Plus, I've heard that they are tougher and stay on the hook better. You should give Turkey a try too.:roll_eyes:
  12. Just because liver works, that doesn't necessarily mean that gizzards and hearts will work too. I've never tried hearts, but I've tried liver and gizzards side by side; the livers caught fish, the gizzards didn't get a bite.
  13. I Can Tell You From Experience That The Hearts & Gizzards Will NOT Perform Nearly As Well As The Livers Will.

    The Livers Are More Bloody Than The Gizzards Or Hearts & Recently There Was A Discussion Brought Up About What Makes The Livers Work So Well. One Of The Points Brought Up,That I Definitely Agree With,Is The Certain Amino Acids That Are In The livers.

    Yes, The Hearts & Gizzards Are Far Tougher Than Livers,No Comparision.
    The Only Time That I've Had Any Consistent Luck With The Hearts Was When I Was In Shallow(Still) Water And Had Chumed Up The Area Heavily, Prior To Putting The Hearts On My Juglines. I'm Yet To Have Any Success With The Gizzards:0a26: Elliot
  14. Idon't think the cats like tough baits . there natural forage isn't all that tough. Maybe tenderize them with a hammer and soak in livers might help.
    Ihaven't had any luck with hearts or gizzards. Now squirrel livers They are gret bait
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    I have used chicken livers since I started fishing, and never did any good with the hearts. I do not use them that much anymore, but in the river i fish, they produce a lot of channels and hybrid strypers.
  16. I don't think that toughness has anything to do with whether or not the cats like a bait. I've had success using chunks of salt pork, which is extremely tough.
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    I have never had much luck with gizzards but hearts seem to do well. I put 2 or 3 on a 14/0 circle hook for limblines and trotlines, or 1 on a smaller hook for rod and reel. It never hurts to try something different, I like to take at least 3 kinds of bait with me when I go fishing. The only way to know for sure that a bait doesn't work is to have different baits out, if all the fish come off one bait and none off the other, you might reconsider that bait.