Chicken for bait?

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by glenc, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. glenc

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    Has anyone heard of or ever tried using chicken as bait? What I am thinking is take some raw chicken and cutting it up and letting it sit out and get nice and nasty then given it a shot. Guess it would be kind of gross but would it work?
  2. I've used pieces of chicken breast with cherry kool aid before.It works good for eater channels.

  3. jmfraz

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    I am sure it would. The nastier the better!!
  4. OH yeah... chicken breast is good bait... Just cut it up in cubes and add some garlic and a little bit of pepper... and let is maranade.... it works well for blues and channels... havent caught any flatties with it.. but its pretty decent bait...
  5. Spoiled shrimp, chicken and fish are about as nasty of smells as there are. If you can stand it, more power to you. Why not try a whole chicken and catch a gar?
  6. coltsfan

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    chicken livers are alot cheaper and just as goodif not better livers are bloodier i think they would give off a better scent trail than the breasts
  7. charliep

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    Raw chicken liver is one of the standard baits for us. We caught 13 this past weekend on chicken livers. Blues and channels. The lake we were fishing does not have a big shad population or we would have used shad, but liver is good bait.
  8. yea raw chicken works great it stays on the hook way better then liver especally if you get some skin on there its hard to get off. Ill tear um up at the lake havent tried it at the river.
  9. I would rather use chicken livers. much better bait and its cheaper to.
  10. I Have Used Chicken Before With Strawberry Jello, It's Fine For The Regular Channel Cats,but As Far As Larger Cats It Seems They Prefer The Live Baits
  11. Sorry fella's but if I have chicken breast, I am EATING IT. The catfish can have the livers shad and minnows but the breast is mine. lololololol
  12. glenc

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    Yes I have had good luck with chicken liver. Problem is its very messy and becomes very very hard to keep on the hook. Ive tried everything. I do not like using the old stockings. Its hard to change the bait using that method. Ive tried cured liver and not even a bite. Thats why I was thinking using just the chicken if it was nice and nasty smelling.
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    I read a post somewhere and I can't remember even if it was on the BOC,but seems like someone caught a big cat or somethin like that and found it to have chicken bones in it.I don't know now it could have been somethin they fed SPLASH with when she was alive but it does ring a bell. I have often wondered about chicken skin? Not necessarily spoiled either just ripped fresh off the meat! Whats ya all think?-----------pk powell:big_smile:
  14. PK when I skin a chicken I put garlic on the skin and freeze it, then a couple of days before I go fishing I pull it out and put it in the fridge to thaw it out. It does catch catfish.
  15. yeah, i have heard of people doing well fishing with chicken breasts in the river. i've got a whole chicken in my deep freeze that i am waing to try out. i let it sit too long in the fridge and i decided to try it for bait instead of throwing it out. my idea is to get some of that menhadden oil from catfish connection and soak the chicken in it before using it. it should work.
  16. steveg442

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    I've used chicken breast that got freezer burned. My wife was going to throw them out. I grab them cut them in chunks and soaked the in kool-aid. It worked pretty good and was alittle tougher than fresh livers so they stayed on the hook better.
  17. ya i works great! but only rawl
  18. i have noticed when making all my homeaid baits that Vanilla and Garlic are the best produsers... and a little pepper works too....
  19. catfisher43

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    i have used the raw skin of produced keepers aroung here.:cool2:
  20. Take a couple of live chickens, pull their heads off and stick them in a #10 can real fast...let the blood drain. Pluck the critters to get the feathers off, pull the guts out, cut the feet off, and cut chicken into pieces. Freeze the eadible parts. Discard the head, feet and feathers (except the ones around the neck {hackles} which can be used for fly tying and the large ones on the wings which can be used for arrows). The rest is fish bait. Let the blood coagulate, cut into 3/4 inch squares, lay on a cardboard in the sun for 5 to 6 hours before going fishing. Pull them off, put on a treble hook and you got the perfect blood bait (works for beef blood also). Cut the skin up, add seasoning of your choice and you got some real tough bait - for you rednecks its good for turtles too. Cut the guts into lengths of about 2 to 3 inches, thread on a hook like a worm and have at it. Makes pretty good use of a chicken - all the parts have a use... the head and feet makes girls scream. LOL Just be careful PETA don't hear about you doing this.... tsk, tsk, tsk.