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  1. leeboze

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    Anyone know of a good source to buy blue cheese that doesn't cost a fortune??? Thanks in advance for your help!!
  2. I get mine from people in arkansas that run catfish traps it's old and rotten cheese.

  3. 404redone

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    i get it by the ton so if u ever need any let me know
  4. seth where do you get your cheese at. I ordered 50lbs from memphis net and twine but it was full of plastic chunks and has been sitting in the sun for about two hyears now and still smells the same and isnt soured at all. There is def a preserver in there that has the power to stop the aging in the sun process that i am looking for:mad1:
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    Keny its not a Perserver, its just cheese. Leave the top off and cover with wire and a cloth where it can get air. That or this is how we did our. And bought it in 600 lb barrels. We would get water boiling and pour over the cheese that we had chopped up into smaller pieces if if were in big blocks. With the hot water. It will start working fast. We used to do 10 barrels each spring this way. And it was ready 10X faster then leaving sealed up in a barrel. Cheese has to have air and heat to go bad.
    Again screen wire and a cotton T shirt will help, but I would use a gallon of boiling hot water and you will see results.

    This is what we used to chop ours. Cabage chopper to You can buy a Hoe that you would use in a Garden to chop grass with. Bend the blade straight with the handle and have on also.
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    i get mine in central ill and i have gotten it from walnut cheese up north and they ship it to the pizza place in town let me know if u want some and i will get it to u or meet in bloomington if u want give me a holler sometime and i will grind it for u also i hope to hear from u it is about .60 cents a pound but cheaper the more u buy if u ever get to clinton look me up give me holler at 217-519-1427 sometime
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    i use a hobart commercial meat grinder to grind my cheese like u would grind meat and it shure speeds up the process of aging and i can grind about 900 lbs an hour but i started out with a hand crank meat grinder and then i put a motor and pulley on it to help but any want it all works out in the end