Chattanooga Gathering 2012

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    I might be able to make it work. I will have to see closer to the weekend.
  2. I'm going to try and make this one. Always wanted to fish that area. Btw what lake? Camping and boat.

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    Craig unless you moved you just live down the street from me so I hope you can at least swing coming out and fishing or even just visiting with us again. James it is lake Chicamauga just north of Chattanooga at Harrison Bay campground, and I will post all the information after this post so you can look it over and then see if you can make it.
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    This list is in the works and will be updated accordingly. Anything in red is something I was not sure about and could change. If you see a mistake I have made let me know and I will correct ASAP.

    Mark Marcum (mmarcum6) 1 camping with boat

    Leslie and Hershell Brock (punkin570) ? camping

    Bob Goodwin (Kittycatcher) 1 camping

    Bryan and Joanne Shrum (Whistler) 2 camping

    Pete and Marylyn Kildow (Shilohred) 2 camping

    Jim and Judy Marshall (fish) 2 camping

    Frank Craddock (craddock1) maybe a Saturday visit

    Newton Styers (cntryboy) ? camping

    John Wiley (puddle jumper) 3 camping with boat

    Derek (mcd3213) maybe a visit

    Craig Smith (foodsaver) ? camping with boat

    James Noles (catfishhunter) ? camping with boat

    If you are even thinking of coming to the gathering post so we have an idea. You can post later that you won't be able to make this gathering. I know of a few folks within an hour’s drive that have been asking for a gathering that have not posted.

    If you post and don't have the transportation then we may be able to make arraignments with a fellow brother or sister to get you here and maybe even a place to sleep. Please post if you even just want to attend and we can go from there. It is common for members to share a ride and camp separately.
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    [h=2]courtesy of Jim and Judy Marshall (disclaimer
    in case any information is found to be incorrect you can blame it on Jim

    If someone checks these and
    finds they are inaccurate they are a few years old. Please submit any changes
    by PM to me and I can get them corrected ASAP. Prices are subject to change and
    availability is first come first serve.

    Here are the directions to Harrison Bay State Park.

    If you are coming from the MEMPHIS area, take hwy # 72 to Tuscumbia Ala. There
    will be a four way stop there, go straight ahead. There will be a red light
    ahead a few miles with signs that show Muscle Shoals to the left and #72 to the
    left. Hwy # 72 ALT is straight ahead, THIS IS THE WAY YOU WILL WANT TO GO. You
    will want to go to Decatur Ala and on through Huntsville Ala. As you are going
    toward Huntsville from Decatur Ala hwy# 72 ALT and 565 will be the same hwy. DO
    NOT get off in Huntsville even though you will see exit signs showing hwy #72.
    Just go straight through Huntsville. As you are going out of Huntsville hwy 565
    turns back into #72. Stay on # 72 until you come into the small town of South
    Pittsburg Tennessee. You will see an exit to I-24. Take the I-24 exit to the
    right and stay on I-24 through Chattanooga. I-24 will merge into I-75. I-75
    goes to Knoxville and will go to Atlanta. Go toward Knoxville on I-75. As you
    pass the I-24/I-75 split going toward Knoxville get in the far right lane.
    About two miles from the I-24/I-75 split there will be an exit #4 on the right
    "hwy 153 toward Chickamauga Dam and the airport" Take that exit to
    your right, it will go back up over the interstate to your left and go until
    you see hwy #58 north to Decatur, Tennessee. Take the hwy# 58 exit to your
    right. Stay on hwy #58 until you cross Wolftever Creek bridge. You will see
    Chickamuaga Lake on the left before you get to Wolftever bridge.(it is a small
    bridge). Just after you cross Wolftever Creek Bridge about 1/2 mile on the left
    you will see a sign that says Harrion Bay State park to the left. Turn left and
    Harrison Bay Park is approx 2 miles. Turn into Harrison Bay State Park and go
    straight ahead. Our Camp grounds will be the first on the left after you pass
    the small A framed building that is on the right.

    COMING FROM NASHVILLE, get on I-24 east to Chattanooga. Stay on I-24 through
    Chattanooga and after the I-75 split follow the directions to hwy #153 and hwy
    #58 north as in the directions above.

    COMING FROM KNOXVILLE. Take I-75 toward Chattanooga. You will see an exit sign
    that Says " Hwy 153, Chickamauga Dam, airport", Take that exit to
    your right and stay on hwy 153 until you see hwy# 58 north. Exit right and
    follow the directions above from this point.


    Take I-75 toward Chattanooga/ Knoxville. Go past the I-24/ I-75 split stay in
    the far right lane. You will see an exit sign " hwy 153, Chickamuaga Dam
    and Airport" to your right, it will go back up over the interstate to your
    left. Stay on 153 until you see hwy #58 north and follow the directions above
    from this point.


    Take I-59 north to I-24 (please be careful at this intersection as it is not
    very clear as how to merge)toward Chattanooga. Follow I-24 through the I-75
    split toward Knoxville, get in far right lane after split. You will exit at
    Exit #4 "hwy 153 to Chickamauga Dam and airport to your right, it will go
    back up over the interstate to your left. Follow the directions from this point
    in the above directions.

    You can do a Map Quest or Map Blast online. Put Harrison Bay State Park
    Tennessee as your ending destination. There is a small town there called
    Harrison, Tennessee, if that will help. If you have any questions let me know.
  6. Man it has been a long time James, the last time we saw you was at Pickwick around 04 or 05. You will like it here, Pete, Willard, Mark or Bryan can show you where the fish are. Have you heard from Matt Bingham over in Memphis lately, it has been a while since we have heard form him. The last we heard from him he had caught a 100 pounder + on the Mississippi.
    It will be good to see you again buddy.
  7. Fish, talked to Matt about 2weeks ago and he's doing good. I will try to talk him into coming to the gathering. It has been awhile since i've seen my old friends, i've kind of been out of the loop for awhile. Looking foward to seeing everybody again. Can't wait to catch some of those nuclear catfish. Lol.
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    Sure do wish it was time already, can't wait to see everyone again. Hope we have great weather this time, everyone be sure to pray for it.
  9. There are some big ole cats there at the nuke plant, Craig (Foodsaver) caught a monster here not long ago. That would be fantastic if Matt could make it to the gathering also, when you talk to him again tell him we said hi and we miss him. It will sure be great to see you again James.
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    I wish it was time already myself
    Leslie. Craig has been fishing on the Nickajack side lately and has
    done awsome with three trophy fish in about a month. A 68, a 73, and
    an 85 pounder. If Craig keeps this up he is in the standing for
    catching the next record blue cat. There are no better fisherman in
    this area than Craig and we are proud of him. We have a lot of great
    fishing areas here within the Chattanooga area, and I welcome you to
    come and join us. Everyone here in this area will gladly tell you of
    our fishing spots and even show you where they are on a map. You are
    the one that must catch them.
  11. Put us down, 2 for camping, will try to make it.
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    Any specific dates in mind? I love the Chattanooga gatherings and the people that attend them. Sure hope it's on a week I can make it.
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    :eek1:Oooops, guess I should have started at the beginning of the thread. You know us seniors have those special moments where we do things a little different than everyone else.:wink1:

    Put me down for at least one and camping. Will try to talk the Mrs. into coming again this year but after the lovely weather last year and our failure to even make it to Chattanooga I'm not sure that will happen. If I can't talk her into it I might just bring my neighbor Dean. He isn't a member but did get the handle of "recon" at the Pickwick gathering last year. Looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones. Can't wait!!
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    Mr Veeto I was planning the 27th of April to the 29th of april which is the same weekend we usually have it. It would be great if you could make it. We would love to have you and your wife, friend, or anyone else you can talk into coming down to visit your southern brother. I will add you when I update it next time my friend.
  15. Hey Mr Veets, we sure do hope you can make it down this time, we will let you know if bad weather hits again which we sure hope it doesn't.
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    Willard old buddy, you better get your butt back home soon. That warm weather down there and you wearing shorts had the weather all messed up . LOL
    Also I will be eating Sauger again so if you want any you better get this way and help me catch some.
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    Buddy I hope you can talk your wife into making the trip again. Tell her it was not her fault. LOL Just bad weather, plus bring Dean still not sure why he hangs around you. HAHA Just kidding your my hero.. Looking forward to seeing you again buddy.
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    I'm going to try it this year. I cannot say for certain till almost time to leave though. Gotta stick close to the Doc's n' med's n' stuff.:cry:
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    I'm planning on making this one. Should be two of us camping. Might get the Mrs. to go with the new camper but if she isn't up for it I'm pretty sure Dean aka "Recon" would be interested in making the trip. Will know more as we get closer to the date.
  20. Well I sure am enjoying this warm weather here in south texas. I should be home sometimes in march and pete I love wearing my shorts in january.
    Punkin next time I send you a text and you don't answer I am going to sic hershel on you.:roflmao: