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    ive heard alot of people on here say bad things about the catmax reel but i got one as a gift and i dont find anything wrong with them.they cast really good just as good as the abu reels and ive caught several cats on it and it worked like a charm,i like it myself,id reccomend it for someone not wanting to pay a fortune for a good reel. jmo
  2. i liked mine until i blew the plastic gears out it, caught 1 38lber on it and slung a few 8oz sinkers but it didnt last more then a few months. Be gentle on it and it should last awhile

  3. If u do some research they have metal gears in them ivecaught plenty of fish with my spinning catmaxx 9ft
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    mine is the baitcasting reel but so far no complaints i like it.
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    Not bashing, but you can get an abu 6000 for the same money or less as the catmaxx reel. In my opinion that would be money better spent. I too, have seen the baitcasters fail why fighting fish in the 20 lb range. Cant speak about the spinning reels, they may be a great product.
  6. Cat maxx reels are cheap , abus run 100 or more i would rather have a abu just to much money the cat maxx rods is whats exspensive
  7. My first Baitcaster was the CMX3 and i still use it have had it for a while now. Also have an Abu 6500C3 with upgraded bearings and additional bearing. The CatMaxx Rod 7'6" MH and Ugly Stick Tiger. Like them both no problems here. And i only got the Catmaxx cause well not everyone has an extra $40 on them to buy the Abu. I didnt at the time and went with it. No regrets. I saved up a bit found a deal got the Abu, Use the Tiger Abu combo just as much. Never casted a baitcaster either when i bought the catmaxx. Two backlashes later i was a pro LOL. Only two baitcasters i own as of now rest are spinning. Pros & Cons exist on every baitcaster & spinning reel. If its cheap and works and reels in what your fishing for you scored. If it takes a shit on you well lesson learned:biggrin1: But if i were gunna buy another in all honestly and wasnt in a hurry, id buy a used Abu on Ebay for the price of the Catmaxx since its easier to get parts to fix or tune up.
  8. I had a catmaxx spinning reel. I used it lightly for a year and the place where the bail hooks in is plastic and it ended up breaking all to pieces. I really like the rod that came with it though.
  9. I have had a catmaxx cmx3 baitcaster for about a year with no issues. Caught plenty of fish in the 40lb class with no issues. The only complaint I have is parts availability. I have my spool set all the way loose and flung it on a cast after catching a 45lb blue. BPS does not stock parts for them and they are hard to find.
  10. Had several friends buy them. They are either broken or in not so good of working order. Save a few and get a abu or ming yang. Lots of good deals on abu's on ebay
  11. I have the BPS Catmaxx spinner on a BPS Power Plus rod, I bought the both at the close out store in Springfield, it works. But I don't trust it like a Shimanno or Okuma big reel! 15# and under, game on, but I don't get the "warm fuzzy feeling" from it I get from better quality reels! Maybe it could pull in a monster, maybe not, but now I've learned bait casters its going to " loaner" duty as soon as I can afford to set up another air caster set up! Nice enough reel, but use one for a few years vs. a little better quality reel (Okuma really isn't all that great either, but....) and you find these were put out to fill a niche market for BPS in a hurry!
  12. I think okuma made the catmaxx reels correct if I'm wrong but pretty sure just a rebranded product
  13. If true, that right there is funny! Just goes to show...
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    Look at the parts schematics of both and see if they are the same reel. You will be able to tell if they are.
  15. I have to recant on my earlier post! We were fishing a creek last night, probably 10' straight down to the water on a bend wash out. I broke off my bass rig after landing a 1 1/2# channel and dragging him up the bank, carefully! I broke out the Catmaxx spinning reel, winched a 3# Blue right up, no drama, no porblems! I'm more impressed now!
    The only problem I had with it was getting the anti-reverse to catch when I spooled some line off to cast. That is mainly my fault though, I need to clean and grease it as its 10 or so years old!