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    I'm grew up in Central IL, Springfield to be exact, fgrew up fishing on the Sangamon river and the Mississippi, also the Kaskaskia a little bit. Like a lot of people came to Clarksville through the Army. After my second trip to Iraq I called it quits. My wife and I loved clarksville, and TN, and decided to stay and raise our 5 year old girl hear. My Grandfather past down his love of fishing to me, and it seems my little girl has the gene too. We caught about 25 bluegill out at Cross Creeks last weekend, and she absolutely loved it. Any help on good bank fishing spots near me would be a great help. Really want to take her catfishing, but I don't own a boat. Any help you can give would be wonderful, I'm just a loving father who is trying to pass down a family tradition to his daughter.
  2. plenty of good catfish 2 be caught in cross creeks

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    Justin welcome to the BOC and Tenn. There are quite a few members from up around clarksville so you should get some good advice. I'm sorry but I don't know the area myself.
  4. There are several people on here from that area that can answer those questions, and welcome to our great state of Tennessee. I am very partial to Tenn. myself, if you love the outdoors it really has alot to offer.
  5. I live off tiny town here in clarksville and fish regularly on the cumberland just downtown in clarksville. Bank fishing there is viable for catfish but sometimes difficult with a lot of the snags as most of accessable areas for bankfishing are rocky. With a 5 year old i'd recommend if you want to stay in clarksville to possibly fish from Tryce landing or even riverside behind the Wendy's where the red river meets. I regulary fish that area even from my boat and land quite a few eater sized catfish...Just castnet baby shad along the boat ramp at tryce and cut the heads off for a good bait choice.

    If you do not mind the drive though, the areas around cross creeks where you got into bluegills holds many cats as well...just grab some baby shad or nightcrawlers before you head out and should have good fun.

    I'm usually out fishing after work 2 to 3 times a week in the afternoon...its just an older fish and ski but can fish 3 no problem. If you ever wanna meet up, i can most likely take you and your little girl out.
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    Is fishing allowed on the banks by that boat dock on riverside?? Or in that general area??
  7. I've seen tons of people fish off the rocks around the riverside boat ramp. You're not allowed to fish off the boat ramp or dock itself but anywhere up or down the bank there is allowed. I'd still recommend walking down to fish behind wendy's or o'charlies where the rivers meet though. I caught the fish in my avatar at a log jam a hundred yards or so from that junction lately.
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  8. Ok, I live in Clarksville and I have to admire you taking your little girl out fishing, anyway. Here are a few places to check out, lock C is close and is home to the state record blue cat. I warn you about Tryce landing because its a know drug place and has a very bad element around it. I repeat Tyrce Landing is a no go! The places I fish that have been more successful for me are in general a county over. I have fished Dyer's creek in Dover with minimal luck and I've also fished the Cumberland City Steamplant with the best of luck! I would recommend the Steamplant due to the majority of kind people out there that will even help you if you have a problem being you run out of the hook type you use or even getting tangled in one of there lines on accident although i don't suggest you try. Best of luck and hope you have fun. ~The Irish Cajun
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    Thanks for the advice. I may have to take you up on your offer some time. The more I take my daughter out the more she falls in love with fishing. It makes here daddy very happy.:angry:
  10. There are a few spots to fish from the bank. The one that I like is lock C. If you need directions let me know.

  11. I know a few spots but my favorite is lock C. If you need directions let me know.
  12. I LOVE loch C because you can drive right up to the river but the last time i was down there the place was a wreck with TONS of debris everywhere and under about 5-6 inches of water. How is it now? I havent been there since probably April 2013.
  13. I was out two days ago in my boat and Lock C looked great. Their were about six people fishing fishing from there also.
  14. Man, I am so glad to hear that! I have missed my favorite spot. Is it still pretty snaggy?
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    hey kclark can i get the directions to lock C im fairly new to the area and trying to find decent spots to shore fish