Catfish Stocked in Virginia Urban Fishing Lakes

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    This is an excerpt from the April 23, 2008 VDGIF Outdoor Report, for those who do not have access to it:

    Catfish Stocked in Urban Fishing Lakes
    The Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (DGIF) stocked 7,250 harvestable-size channel catfish in five (5) urban lakes on March 26 and 27, 2008. The five lakes and numbers stocked are as follows: Cook Lake, Alexandria, 1,000; Dorey Park Lake, Henrico County, 1,750; Shields Lake, Richmond, 1,750; Locust Shade Park Lake, Prince William County, 2,000; and Old Cossey Pond, Fredericksburg, 750. These stockings are part of VDGIF's efforts to continue the Urban Fishing Program; channel catfish stockings are designed to provide additional fishing opportunity during the warmer months, following the winter trout stocking portion of the program. All of the stocked channel catfish were farm-raised in Arkansas and should be excellent table fare.

    Anglers are reminded that a Virginia Fishing License is required for residents 16 years and older, and a separate trout license is also needed to fish for stocked trout. Non-residents 12 and older need a Virginia Fishing License and all non-residents regardless of age need a trout license. For additional information on fishing license requirements, go to the VDGIF Web site at

    For more information about the Urban Fishing Program, call the Fisheries Division at 540-899-4169, and visit our Web site for more on VDGIF's warmwater fish stocking programs.
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    THANKS ALOT, I want to take some kids fishing from son's peewee baseball team and dorey park will be a great spot. I think they would really enjoy it. If not then they could play at the playground. Thanks again for the heads up.

  3. Hey thanks for the info and im glad to hear that there stocking cats int he lakes in Virginia, there a fun fish to catch, and fun fighting fish, glad to hear there starting to stock the lakes with the fish, this should be a good year for the fishing, and should be a great year with some good size fish caught.
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    Now darn it! Why can't they do some of that on my side of the state? Don't you guys on the Eastern side of Va have enough honey holes? :smile2::wink:

    Take a kid fishing...

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    I have noticed a great increase in effort by the VDGIF to increase urban fishing opportunities. I assume this is a way to provide cities assistance with park facilities that otherwise would not be available.One of the best arrangements that I have seen is in Stafford County. Lake Curtis provides a large county park on the shallow end, complete with entrance fee for out-of-county residents (free for county residents); but on the dam end is a parking area, complete with boat ramp and fishing pier free for all provided by the VDGIF.

    I wish more urban lakes and reservoirs would adopt this concept, such as the Occoquan Reservoir.
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    Boy I'll tell ya something the lakes in the western part of the state are going down hill when it come to cats and the VDGIF stocking programs. Rural Retreat and Hungry Mother was at one time both great cat lakes but with a lack of stocking and over fishing the lake have sufford alot. I guess all a person would have to do is call VDGIF to see what could be done about getting a program started back or beef it up anyone got any ideas on this.:cool2:
  7. Stock cats in any water close to me sounds good.

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    Someone asked me if I work for the VDGIF. The answer is, NO! PLEASE don't neg rep me! :crazy::big_smile:

    I simply pass on information that pertains to catfishing from the Outdoor Report blog.

    Thanks for the great feedback! :wink:
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    I will attempt to catch some this weekend in shields lake. Small lake 1700 fish, shouldn't be a problem.
  10. well not to bash VA dgif but fishing in "old cassey" before they went and changed it from the water treatment plant to "old cassey" was WAY better. I used to go and catch good size eatin' cats and decent bass but now there all gone theres pleanty of trout in the winter months but for the amount of catfish they are stocking im not seeing any increase in fish just a lack of what used to be. "old cassey" and its neighboring pond were some of my favorite lazy day fishing spots and now i wouldnt go if they were the only places left.