Catfish prices.......let's compare

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  1. I was at Sam's last night for some miscellaneous bulk items. I mosied on over to the fish section for a peek. I found myself looking at 4 fillets from a pair of 4#ish cats.

    2.08# @ $9.32........ = $4.48 per pound......sheesh

    Anyone else care to post the prices from their areas?
  2. My step father bought some earlier this month and said they were over $3 lb. Saturday he told me they are on sale now for $1.99 lb.

  3. $2 to $3 a pound here for fillets.

    Bill in SC
  4. I sell fillets for $4.99/lb for the farm raised USA bulk, and $3.99/lb for the 16 oz. IQF package. Nuggets are $2.19, and whole fish are $3.49.
  5. Just my opinion but if you pay over 3.99 a pound for fillets you are friggin nuts!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I'll second AND third that. If I pay anything over tackle and gas money I am nuts. ;)
  7. Mee too! I don't buy catfish! It's outrageous. I noticed we will have some on sale next week for $3.99. That farm fish doesn't taste any good anyways. BUT...I have spent $100 for gas, food, and soda for a fishing trip and only caught 3 fish. You do the math. I think on average, I spend more than $3.99/lb of catfish. Probably a testament to my fishing ability, but it's true.
  8. Golden Corral Buffet,they always got fried catfish,plus whatever else ya can eat for $9.99
  9. In certain stores , $2 to 4 a pound.
    I'd prefer to pay nothing and catch them myself.
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    3.99 is about standard here. I looked at a big grocery a few days ago. They had some really pretty fried fillets in the deli so I thought supper. I asked the clerk what the price was. 9.99 per pound. Made my balogna sandwich taste better.
  11. like posted if i added in my gas, time, rods, reels, line, bait, tackle, etc, etc i would be way over the $3.99 per pound mark until i boated a few thousand pounds. even then with the price of gas id be surprised if it wasnt still over $3.99 per pound. that is if i kept cats it would be cheaper and at least guaranteed if i just went to the store and bought it. haha
  12. Farm raised catfish go for 19.95 for a 5 lb box, or you can buy river fish (live) for 1.00 a lb.
  13. I have no Idea,I know one thing tho. If i have the money to shell out for fish in a grocery store,It damn sure aint gonna be catfish. But on the other hand there aint much that isnt imported from china or Japan,so my choices are limited. I dont support foriegn countries if I can help it.
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    True. But why would anyone on this site pay anything?
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    My wife claims the we spend about 500.00 a pound. After boat, taxes , gas, gear and bait. I read a study that said in the chesapeake bay. Striped bass cost the averave recreational fisherman about 110.00 per pound of fish taken. That was compared to commercial fisherman dumping in a big 1.75 dollars per pound.
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    Careful what you buy in the supermarkets. Some of these catfish filets are imported from China. Tests on some frozen catfish fillets from China. have found two antibiotics banned by the Food and Drug Administration.
  17. Thanks...and ethylene glycol. BUT keep in mind that it is now a federal law that the country of origin be labeled on any raw meat item, so it will be easy to tell where it came from. Just last year, it was not a law. Since then, it has been amazing how fast alot of the chinese fish has been replaced with American product. Not to say that alot of it isn't still from China, Vietnam, Thailand, but it will be easy to tell what is...even on the bulk stuff that gets taken out of a big box, and packaged into smaller portions. If you think "Well...they could cheat, I still don't trust them." Well, yes we could cheat, but to a tune of a fine up to $10,000 PER PACKAGE, it's not worth the risk (even if we wanted to, but we don't).

    I still don't eat grocery store catfish. Just posted this for information sake. If anyone sees fish that is not clearly labeled with the country of origin, they are in violation, and I strongly urge you to turn them in to USDA.
  18. I see it in the stores for $5.50-700 per lb. I wouldn't knowingly eat any freshwater fish from
    China, I think the pollution here is bad enough. I have read articles about the pollution there, and have seen some nasty stuff there. On the bright side it won't kill ya right away.
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    they run from 3.99 to 5.99, just depends on where you buy them, an alot of times they sell out before snapper, and other so called choice fish, anybody dare to call catfish any bad names anymore.....
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    After all the equipement, gas, boat payment etc.etc....I don't want to know what I spend on a mess of fish. Never will I buy it in the store. The day I do is the day I've sold my boat.