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    Is there a magazine subscription primarly based on catfishing? I get North American Fisherman, Alabama Game and fish, and the occasion In-Fishermen will have some catfishing articles, but is there any magazine for just catfishing? With the other magazines I get there is too much about bass, panfish, hunting etc. and too little about catfishing. Now I do all of these things I love to hunt, and I wouldn't pass up a fishing opportunity, but I would like a magazine focused on just catfishing. Is there a magazine like this?

  2. I was wondering the same thing cat man......i had an old post about it a few weeks ago and the best answer i got was to get catfish NOW magazine.....but maybe theres something out there that is just keep looking i guess
  3. "catfish Now" Is A Great Magazine. It's Strictly Catfish Except For The Past Couple Of Months They've Had A Couple Of Articles About Hunting, Which I Don't Approve Of, I Don't Hunt So I Don't Want To Read About Hunting, If I Did Want To Read About Hunting There Are Plenty Of Hunting Magazines On The Market But Only One Devoted Strictly To Catfishing Which Is "catfish Now." This's Only My Opinion. Nothing Against Those Who Hunt.
  4. I have been a subscriber to Catfish Now for a while. I really like it, being a member is worth it.
    As for the hunting articles, the water temperatures around here are below 50 degress and the catfishing has slowed down. So, I put up my rod and reels and oil my guns. Nuff said.
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    NUFF SAID!!! Good magazine,just wish they would stick to what the cover says (CATFISH NOW).If I wanted to read about hunting I would subscibe to a hunting magazine.As for me the articles about hunting in my (catfish magazine)are just wasted time and paper.I subscibed to Bass Masters for about 10 years until last year when I devoted all my time to catfishing.I tried long and hard,but can't think of any hunting articles that I saw in their magazine.
  6. The catfish angler is the only one i know of
  7. Catfish now is an Ok magizine... There is always the old Catfish insider.yeah yeah i know its not actually around but there is still the yearly Catfish guide put out by Infisherman. Its actually really good, a real shame they stopped putting it out as a 4/year publication... Guess there weren't too many people buying it, or not enough to make it worthwhile in their eyes to keep doing it... I know Doug Stange is alittle upset by it (IF Editor in chier, Catfisherman)...

    As for any others your stuck with any publication that the different Tournaments put out as newsletters but most of those aren't instructional articles and more mearly tournament results :-(
  8. Catfish-Insider from In-Fisherman
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    Tim Hagan is putting together a new E-zine due out in January called "Catfish Nation". You can find it on his web site.
  10. Tim, I emailed you some pictures - did they get through?
  11. Thanks griz I will not use the BOC stuff that is here but if you or any one has stuff or would like to add anything to my magazine feel free to pass it over and I have told paul to post on here what even he feels will benefit the BOC as well
  12. No pictures as of right now where do you send them
  13. It is good that some publications are starting to be put together for catfishing. One thing that I see lacking is the coverage of the west coast catfishing scene and there is great blues, flatheads, and channel waters in the west coat in particularly California and Arizona. I have a web myself and is looking toward starting something to get coverage of catfishing waters in the west coast. I am constantly in some fishing publications as far as catches in concerned and my pictures so people know who I am and I am one of the best known catfisherman out this way.
  14. Blue,shake the ground out there and start it up.Just like the east coast they will follow if someone leads the pack.
  15. Its only lacking until you send me somethings over I will cover everyplace the will send in stuff. So send it over and tell everybody you know about catfish Nation and the BOC. If on your last fishing trip you think you have something to talk about that other would liek to hear or that may help out others pass that puppy over and get it in the magazine. i want your articles and paul wants them as well help me put together a great magzine and at the same time help better the BOC site
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    Send in your articles and video to the BOC, we will get it up and running fast, and it helps out the club in the process.

  17. Thanks for your feedback fellas. Actually I have a few things to add like using cut mackerel for bait and the actually catches of lunker blues I landed on them. As a matter of fact pretty much almost all of the ones in my gallery here at the BOC were landed on mackerel with the exception of a few on bonito and the flatheads that were caught on bluegill. I amalways fishing so I will get somepictures of some topograhy of my main lake to add to the writing.
  18. ya boy I love them mackerel for cut bait when I can get them. I look for to seeing some of your stuff blue