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Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by scuffy, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. scuffy

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    I like to try new baits. I've never tried bacon or salt pork before.
    whats the best way to rig it. Type and size hook, wrapped or threaded.
  2. RamRod

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    I've tried the bacon before with some success on channels. I cut the strips in 1/4 lengths and rolled em up and put em on a circle hook while drift fishing. The key is to warm them up the microwave in a ziploc bag, just enough to get the grease starting to come out of them. You can also leave the bag sit out a bit in the sun on warmer days to really get the grease going. :0a26:

  3. I kinda like my bacon surrounded by eggs, if not that, then on two slices of bread with mayonaisse. LOL
  4. Oldtroll

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    Bacon works really good as bait, it does on me anyway, I smell it cooking and I come a runnin.. lol.
    I have used it as bait for crawdads, then used them for cats, but never outright used bacon as catfish bait.

    Just thought I would put in my 2 cents
  5. I generally use 5/0 kahle hooks for rod & reel fishing. When baiting with bacon, I lay out a strip and cut it into 1" to 1 1/2" lengths, depending on the width of the strip. Then I simply thread it onto the hook. I wasn't sure just how well it would stay on the hook, and I was very surprised that it not only stayed on, but was actually moderately difficult to get off the hook. I cut salt pork into 1/2" cubes and run the hook through the toughest part. Don't know that I've ever had salt pork come off the hook till I took it off.
  6. I tried to use bacon as bait one time. But it never made it to the lake.:rolleyes:
  7. Don't know about cats liking bacon, but I sure love it. I also know somebody that used to use a fishing pole and a hook with bacon on it and lower it down into crawdad holes to catch some poor mans lobster for his gumbo he made.
  8. Threaded fresh and oily, good bluecat bait for me.
  9. Good to use in Rivers, ponds, creeks, lakes, where i wanna know?
  10. ozzy

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    Thick or thin sliced? Maple or smoked?
  11. wolfman

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    Ive only caught a few cats on bacon but have caught a lot more snapping turtles than fish.
  12. I cant use bacon for bait. It never makes it past breakfast to get it to the lake.
  13. The first time I used it was almost by accident. A half full package of bacon had been in the fridge so long we were afraid to eat it, and rather than throw it away or feed it to the dog, I wrote "catfish bait" on it with a sharpee, and tossed it in the freezer of my bait fridge. Some time later, I took the grandkids to a catfish pond, and took along every kind of bait I had, including skipjack. After trying everything but the bacon, I finally put some on one hook. I immediately started catching fish on that bacon, so I rebaited all the other hooks with bacon, and everybody started catching kittyfish. We threw about half of them back, but still had a nice string for the pond owner. I filleted them for him before we left.
  14. kspor

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    we used bacon for catching crawdads all the time. Then used the crawdads for bait. Guess I should have cut out the middle man.
  15. I have used bacon to help keep livers on the hook. I roll up some bacon around the liver and put it on the hook. It work pretty good.
  16. Man, once I roll that bacon 'round the liver, I'm gonna cook and eat it!
  17. bacon is probably one of my favorite baits, i had a thread on here before about it, u might wanna check it out. i have caught some decent sized channels on it.
  18. NWOhioCatMan

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    I just wanted to say i think it is crazy some of the ideas you people come up with :). I have never thought of bacon for bait but I'm really glad i signed up for this site yesterday cuz there is alot of good tips out there and advice for beginner fisherman like myself. Around here I dont really have anyone to help me out learning how to fish. I have cought lots of catfish on a slip bobber on the shore with shrimp, I just let if drift right down the shore line. Maybe i will try bacon too now. :) I dont have a boat so if anyone could tell me thing to look for from the shore or any ways to fish for some cats it would be helpful.. thanks guys.

    PS. I also dont know how to navigate myself around this site. i cant seem to find out how to post new threads or find people to help give adivce .
  19. wolfman

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    Joshua, welcome to the BOC, hope you enjoy the brotherhood and good luck with the catfishing
  20. Welcome to the BOC, Joshua! Don't know about your area, but here in Arkansas, I do better baiting with fresh shad or skipjack than any other bait. When that's not available, though, it's nice to have other baits to fall back on. Good fishing spots are often due to structure, which can be a tree, log, stump, rock, or hole. Structure that doesn't stick up above the water is often marked by a boil or eddy; when you see something like that, you know that some irregularity below the surface is causing it. Also, if you can find a place where there is a swift current with a back eddy or slack water right alongside, fishing the 'seam' between the two can be productive.