cajun red fishing line is it good???

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by BigCat4, Sep 2, 2006.

  1. BigCat4

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    is it good ??

    jw bcuz i got 2 new poles that had it on it seems ike its 8lbs test but its hard than #$!% to cut
  2. Depends entirely upon your definition of "good". By "good" if you mean it is a serviceable fishing line, I doubt you would find any of the brethern who would say it was not. But, on the other foot, I doubt that you would find many who would say it was better than "Big Game". It falls back to what are you comfortable with. If you want line that won't break, you'd best fish with wire rope (and then hope you don't catch one that can break that or your a gonner).

  3. ive had the cajun red on 1 of my rods for quite a while, never had a problem with it, even the first time i cast it didnt birdsnest on me..... i would recomend it, although (they) say red is an attractant, any line is good line... on my other rod ive had monofilament on for about 10 yeas and never ever had a problem...............,......
  4. good question though....... pm buddah he knows quite a bit about line
  5. IrishO'Brady

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    For mono I like stren duratuff- a little thick but it is AWESOME for abrasion resistance, durability , shock abosorbtion and longevity. Good stuff. That and Ande's- which holds more igfa records than any mono (nuff said)

    Never used Cajun but the red is not for attracting its for invisibility as red is filtered out of water at about 7ft depth range.And as most cats arent line shy I dont see the point
  6. I've used all kinds of line, they all work, and all have their good, and bad sides, best thing I can say is try em till you get one that you like best, and stay with it.
  7. I started using the cajun red this spring on my crappie poles in 6# & 8# and was very happy with it. Happy enough that I now have it on 2 large spincast reels for catfishing in 20#. I haven't caught many catfish on it yet, but caught several big bowfin on my crappie poles and it seems to be pretty tough. grizzly
  8. I've been useing it for over a year and never had a problem. its all I use now
  9. bluesbrother

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    about 6 weeks ago i put red lightning on my reels i usally use trilen big game but i kinda like the cajun red i may like switch back and forth just for color variation but far as is it good yes it pretty darn you save 1 doller, good luck
  10. Abu65

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    I used Excell & Big Game for along time I really like both. I tried Cajun & I will never switch back. I use baitcasters & 30 lbs test was used in all 3 brands.
  11. it's a decent cheap line. the worse thing about it for me is, it has a ton of stretch. not good for setting a hook while making long casts. but you could do worse.
  12. I hate the stuff with a passion way to much stretch, no cool colors, abrasion resistance is horrible.

    Stay with big game and suffix

  13. I spooled up a smaller spinning reel tonight with 8 lb Cajun Red Cast.. I had some doubts at first.. but I caught a bunch of bass on it.. I couldnt be happier with it. Ill stick with it.