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  1. flex1

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    Does anyone know of any good catfishing holes in the Delta? :confused2:

    I launch my boat from either Franks Tract or Orwood and I would love to be educated on the hot spots in the area. :big_smile:

    Any suggestions will be helpful...:big_smile_2:

  2. :worship::0a25:
    Welcome to the B.O.C. "Mance". :big_smile:

    I do all of my fishing from the bank (don't own a boat :0a14::sad2:), , but when I go up to the Delta this is what I go by:

    For Fish in numbers:
    I like to go up to the Tracy area of the Delta ("Whiskey Slough Area", "Cal Pack Road Area", Anywhere off of "Whiskey Slough Rd." & Beacon Inland Rd.).

    For Size (& sometimes numbers):
    I always go with the Stockton & Lodi areas of the Delta (Anywhere in the Northern Part of the Delta).

    Take it easy,
    Bert:cool2: & Shania:0010:

    Bert & "Deltalover"

  3. Mance, Welcome to the BOC..... Bert is the man with the experience at the Delta......... I have been there a time or two and have done many miles there myself.....

    Since you have a boat, you can launch out of "Dose Rios" on the San Jouguin river, or where the river road crosses the San Jouquin at Mossdale Landing...just south where there is another launch ramp....... I like the area South of Mossdale marina, which has several deep holes.... but you need the boat for that.... can get shallow up there (south) so watch you depth finder for the sand.......

    Hope that you can get down south some and meet up with folks at the Mendota gathering in April......

    Bayrunner Ray
  4. raildan

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    welcome mance,i'm a conductor the bnsf railroad and our main line swings right by whiskey slough and orwood.i don't know the area outside of the railroad but i always see plenty of people around the whiskey slough area sometimes a little to close to the main for comfort.well good luck, look forward to a update from ya.
  5. esanchez

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    does anyone know how the fishing is on Jackson slough Rd it's
    off hwy 12 near rio vista? what's the best area for cat's this time
    of year?
  6. First off welcome to the site esanchez! I am sure Someone can steer you in the right dierection.
  7. Fishfeen

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    Welcome to the USCA/BOC, I fish the Tracy Area quite often and know a lot of good spot for both Cats and Stripers, PM me and I will give you some advice. - Fishfeen
  8. gowanstarr

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    Probably gonna give the mossdale area a try soon, never fished there before but i hear its the area to search for the larger channel cats. I am mostly a lake guy since I am located in the middle of all the mother lode lakes, Hogan Lake being the closest. I will try and post what I find on the river, dont know whats gonna happen still kinda early in the year but what the heck.
  9. Good luck brother! Stretch some lips and we will be waiting for a report.
  11. gowanstarr

    gowanstarr New Member

    well i got my arm twisted and ended up hittin melones and trolling for trout and kokanee, alot of short strikes but put 2 kokanee and 4 trout in the boat, making plans for the mossdale trip my next outing which should be this weekend or next.
  12. nice report....Mutt fishes up there a lot.......good on the catches!!!! Hope to hear more reports from you...:wink1:
  13. I used to fish the area by owl harbor which is down the road about 2 miles in to Jackson slough. That's would be heading south on it. When you cross the Brandon island park bridge headed towards rio vista you can take west Brandon island rd that puts you headed that way. Sevenmile slough will be the slough to the left of you and take you towards owl harbor. Good fishing frOm what I remember from when I was young, small cats, that twitchell island has spots to fish thou well it did back in the day.
  14. Fishfeen

    Fishfeen Well-Known Member

    If you head to Mossdale on Friday, give me a call (209) 324 7927, Stacy and I were going to go to Melonies and fish but local sounds good if you want a fishing partner. - Fishfeen
  15. gowanstarr

    gowanstarr New Member

    I dont think i will be able to make it out there Friday, having to pay some unexpected bills and gas prices is gonna hold that trip off for awhile I am sad to say. Going to have to stay local for awhile it seems myself, I am going to hit Hogan this weekend and see what happens. This little bit of rain might bring em up into the coves with feeder creeks running into the lake but it wasnt much rain so we will see eh. These gas prices are ridiculous, (4.30 a gallon:mad1:) definitely going to put a hold on the delta spots for me if they stay this way. If I get out that way I will give ya a call, dont mind a fishing buddy at all but it gets pretty crowded on my little 14 footer with any more than 2.
  16. Fishfeen

    Fishfeen Well-Known Member

    I hit hogan a week a go for 5 hours with out a bite but if you know the Lake we can come that way again, up to you. Just let me know, we fish off the bank so we could meet ya and set up and just see how it goes. Thanks, Jeff
  17. gowanstarr

    gowanstarr New Member

    What part of the lake did you try? Hogan can be difficult to find the fish for sure, i know it pretty well and can load the boat up with stripers and cats one day and the next day when you think you got them figured out, NOTHING. In the early spring it usually takes a pretty good rain to get the cats moving. I would assume that water temp is gonna be the key to finding the cats right now. This last fall I was on a good run with the stripers all the way till mid december chasing the warmest water.
  18. Fishfeen

    Fishfeen Well-Known Member

    When I had my boats, I use to launch at 6 and be off the lake by 10 to 10 :30 with limits of striper for 4 people, now its tough to catch a single striper, normally let all of them go unless the people that went wanted them. I love to eat striper and just haven't had much luck at all lately. We fished there by Wrinkle Cove and to the left of the boat launch. Caught some decent cats back in October but when we camped there we didn't get anything. - Jeff
  19. gowanstarr

    gowanstarr New Member

    well i would have to suggest to start fishing at the pipes in the back of the lake, off of the road you take at the bottom of the dam. That cove back there is usually one of the first coves i will try for cats and stripers if I am bank fishing. If that one isnt producing I will keep heading down that road to the turnaround point and try that cove. Those are the two most productive spots for me off the bank in late fall or early spring. Also, If you remember where the old Hogan Marina used to be and the old boat launch around the corner to the left of it, in those rocks can also be good for cats.
  20. Fishfeen

    Fishfeen Well-Known Member

    Let me know how you do, I think we may stay local or go to Melonies. Take care buddy. - Fishfeen