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    Hey all you catfish slayers out there! I use to catfish some on the broad river between chester and union county. It has been probable 15 years since we fished there. We caught some nice cats back then on set poles and rod and reels.

    Just wondering if any of you are fishing that river and if so are you catching any big cats?

  2. I fish the Might Broad from the NC line to just below 99 Island in Cherokee County. I've caught some decent channel cats between Cherokee Falls and 99 Island. But I have fished it lately.

  3. Wish i could help but I have only fished it in the Bueafort area for cobia.
  4. Hey Rivercat that a completely different body of water. I've been over it going from Beaufort to Hilton Head but the one we are referring to runs from Black Mountain NC to Columbia SC. In Columbia it merges with the Saluda River to form the Congaree River which in turns run into the Wateree River forming the Santee River and Lakes.
  5. Never knew that. I guess they say that you learn something new everyday. I lived down there for 1 year and guess I never thought of looking of a map of it I just always thought that was the end of the same river I crossed in columbia. Thanks for info.
  6. Where is the first place it is referred to as the Broad River? Isn't this when it leaves Lake Lure?? As a very small child my daddy would take me fishing on the Broad as we lived for a few years in Lockhart. All we ever caught were small cats.
  7. Its listed as the Rocky Broad River above Lake Lure. Theres a place on Hwy 150 between Gaffney SC and Boiling Springs NC called the Greenway. From the Greenway is 8 miles to the Gaston Shoals Hydro Station also known as Dravo. They're 3 dams in Cherokee County on Broad River so we have a little more water to fish.
  8. I would to know where I could launch my boat and fish for some cats in the Broad. I live in Lancaster and my brother lives in Greenville and it would be great to have a place I could meet him and fish.
  9. The best area's in my opinion would be here in Cherokee County because of the launch sites are better maintained here. Personally I fish outta Pick Hill Landing because they'res more water in this area, well depth wise anyway. If you check out they have maps of the area. Good luck.
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    We never fished anywheres but the chester and union county area of the broad river. Theres a boat access area right off hwy 72 on the chester side. Bettered have a boat that can run in pretty shallow water cause the river is rocky and shallow in places there.

    Heres a link to the boat access areas in SC.

    It is in the Adobe Reader format you will need that program to read it its free. D/L it here.
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    Does anyone know where any public boat landings are for the Broad River around Columbia???

    The Rowing Club on I-20 has a landing...but their pretty anal about anyone using it...