Braided or Mono line for salt water fishing

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  1. Whats your preferance. Whats the best for casting and what holds up the best in satlwater conditions?
  2. I Don't Like Baided At All. The Mono That I Use In Saltwater Is Sufix Superior, In The Yellow Color, 30LB Test.

    You Will Find That It Is Very Abrasion Resistant, Very Important Due To The "grittiness" Of The Salt Crystals. It Is Made Of A Copolymer Coumpound.

    I Buy It In 2KG Spools, So I have Plenty. If You Would Like I Can Send You Enough Sample To Spool Up A Reel, Elliot

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    I agree with Elliot here. Don't like braided at all for saltwater and he has recommended good line for you!
  4. ive fished in salt water since i was 3 years old, first off use mono, i just prefer mono to braided, and in the salt water when a big fish hits you may need the strech the mono provides, also you have to ask is what sized fish am i going after, your going to want to use probley 25# test at a minimum and if your chasing big sized fish your going to want to increse your line size accordingly, hope this helps
  5. Mono is just so stiff. The 25# I've got is like casting a spring. I'd like to put 30 on my reel but its rated at a max of 25. Is there any thinner line out there?
  6. "DAMYL" a premium monofilament that I have found only at Cabelas.It has come and gone there over the years.I first tried it in the 80,s and used it hard in fresh water & salt water.East Tenn.Trout streams,Okefenokee Swamp,creeks,rivers and along the Georgia coast for Sheapshead,Black fish,Cobia and king Mackerel.I believe it to be the best line that I have ever used.It also seems to hold up great with age and time,as I still have reels with it from the 80s,that I and my son still use when I get to go fishing.I have 15 gallons of assorted lines in buckets.I think this is and was the best.The draw back used to be price.It is a lot more competitive now.peewee-williams
  7. Creteus, back off the line size.
    Many a 30-50 pound red drum has been landed from the beach with 20 pound or smaller test line. In fact if you want to catch much of anything surf fishing you'll have to lighten the line to get bites. Flounder for instance are hard to feel when they bite, much harder if you can get them to bite monster mono.

    I've used as small as 12 pound test drum fishing from the surf and the drum that were running were averaging 25 pounds.
    When you get in the congo line you have to use what everyone else is using line wise and weight wise.

    Big water is intimidating to the point to alot of people that they feel like they have to break out the hoss tackle to fish a bridge abuttment or hit the beach for some surf fishing.
    Keep in mind that all these people you see trying to make 200 yard casts are more then likely doing it for exercise because they are throwing over the fish.
    Only certain weather instances creating mud lines really make long distance casting necessary.

    Catch me some fish!
  8. i dont like braided on spin cast reels but its not to bad for bait casters. i do a lot of striper fishing and you want a line that is strong with low stretch for a good hook set and sensitivity but at the same time when you hook a large one thats ripping line off I'm afraid about getting cut by the braided.

    other places where braided works is if your fishing over a wreck and you need to get the fish out of the rocks and out of structure fast or if you need a large amount of strong line because fish are shy but are big such as stripers.

    surf fishing i like smaller diameters as said to get the bites but you dont need a lot of line or real strong line so lighter mono works fine there.
  9. Mark.You said it.Fish are feeding on what the breakers are disturbing and washing back out.Most people cast way beyond the fish feeding along the beach.peewee-williams
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    I use momoi diamond mono up to 30 lb or berkley big game for my smaller reels and fins superbraid for my big penns and newells. After trying just about every superbraid available I was dissapointed in all of em except the fins. I use the 130 lb green that has a 25lb mono diameter. Here are a few manufacturer specs. I highly reccomend this line for catching sharks and bull reds from the beach or trolling.

    FINS Spectra superline represents the next generation of super lines. With it's polymer reinforced technology (PRT), FINS enhances the strength of the high performance spectra fibres from which it's created The line has outstanding knot performance with an improved tensile retention over traditional super lines. Knots are easier to tie due to the polymer reinforced technology.

    130 pound (60kg) Highest I.G.F.A. Line class
    Same diameter as 25lb monofilament
    Outstanding knot performance
    UV Stable
    No Stretch
    Super Sensitive feel
  11. Listen to Peewee.Cabelas sells Damyl and TECTAN line which is made by Damyl.I have fished every line available and in my mono days used Berkely XL.I tried some TECTAN on a chance and never went back to anything else and am still using it for mono applications .It has the best combo of limpness,fine diameter and excellent knot strength.I used six pound test for smallmouths all over this country and Canada and just have never found a better line.I use 12lb for stripers.The only regret I ever had was they didn't make it in a flourescent color for night fishing.:smile2:
  12. I'm good now. Gator spooled my reel with some 30# berkley with the same diameter of the 25 I have. Casted it out at the GA gathering with 4oz and sent it halfway across the lake. Good enough for me.
  13. For surf fishing, for distance, 30 pound braid is hard to beat imo. I use it and I like it. Don't use it around rocks though.
  14. Suffix are Silver Thread. I wouldn't go any bigger than 17 lbs test and depending on bait and weight your throwing tells you how much shock leader to use. I use the rule of thumb 10 lbs for every ounce. # ounces of weight and a two ounces of bait equals 50 lb shock leader.